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Local suspicious incident - please be aware

Dear Parents and Carers


Local Suspicious Incident


Some of you may already be aware of an incident which took place in a local school yesterday at pick up time.  The RBWM have passed on the details to us, so please be extra vigilant at pick up time, and when you are out with your children.  The Police are aware of the incident and it is being investigated.



A girl from a Cox Green Primary school who was waiting for her mother to pick up a Year 1 child was grabbed around the waist and pulled away from where she was standing by someone who was being overly forceful, or worst case scenario, someone trying to pull her away.


It has been called a suspicious incident by the Police and being investigated. 


However, a Cox Green child and a Wessex child were approached on Wessex Way by a similar lady in a Vauxhall car who tried to give them a lift in her car saying she knew their mum.  



This has also been emailed to all parents.

Kind regards


Mrs J Kearney