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Virtual Games success. Outdoor and adventurous

Book Week 2021 - Extreme Reading

Flippin' good pancakes! Go to school videos to see more in action!

Loving Larchfield Learning

Healthy body, healthy mind!

Feel Good Friday

Well-being Week

RSPB Birdwatch

Fun in the snow!

October 2020 - Larchfield's Virtual Games Awards. Well done to all our children who took part in these events - fantastic results!

A new year with new whole school learning

Some of our children in school have been working really hard in the newly revamped Learning Garden. They enjoyed eating their harvest of potatoes - delicious!

Year 6 are starting to say goodbye!

Going for Gold! 14.7.2020


We have had a great start to the week in our Keyworker group! The school theme this week is 'Going for Gold' so we have been thinking about sporting achievements and discussing our favourite sports teams. We have been talking about Liverpool winning the Premier League in 2020 as well as their other recent achievements such as winning the UEFA Cup last June. We have also explored football kits from all over the world using the Ipads. Very importantly we have kept up our own fitness by completing another Joe Wicks workout! You can see us writing our own exercise routine based on Joe Wicks's activities. We used some of these in our own exercise routine that we practised on the field.Fantastic learning so far!

 Going for Gold Maths activities 14.7.2020


We have been doing Maths puzzles which involve using a key to complete a colouring activity. Great mathematical vocabulary came out of this.


 One of our Year 2 children predicted, “All of these numbers will be between 41-50 because they are blue for the sky”. We were very proud of her as she had needed help to understand what ‘between’ meant at the start of the lesson and by the end was using it confidently!


A great skill is looking at a problem and thinking of it in a different way to solve it. Our Year 3 superstar was looking at the problem  ____ x 8 = 48 and straight away asked himself “How many 8s are there in 48?”  Fab reasoning skills to solve a problem!


Well done all!

Where in the world...? 8.7.20

The keyworker group this week were given the challenge this week of 'What would food be like on Mars?'

The children designed their favourite food and drink as if it came from outer space. Fantastic imaginations and great art skills were shown by all! 

29th June - Themed Week Food, Glorious Food.

Family Challenge - 29th June - Creating Cress!

Bertie's sunflower journey so far!

1st June - Family challenge - sunflowers