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Larchfield Primary and Nursery School

Our children are central to all that we do.

Class Activities

We had a visit from a magician this morning, the children had so much fun, they sat and listened so well to the introduction!

Then we learnt how to do a magic trick making lolly sticks disappear!

Finding the red ball was tricky, then more and more kept appearing! pure magic!

Wow! magic painting was amazing!

First we had to count the carrots, then something else extraordinary happened, the rabbit teddy turned into a real rabbit! we could not believe ours eyes!

We were able to meet magic rabbit! she was so soft! oh and cute of course!

Super number work!

New explorers

Working hard on pencil control

The children have been getting creative with helping to make our under the sea topic board!

Lovely Mark making outside from the afternoon children!

I have heard some great counting from the children this week! so proud of them!

Naming and sorting letters! well done!

The new afternoon children have enjoyed exploring the outside area in the beautiful sunshine!

Some great pencil control today! well done!

What great under the sea pictures made by the children, lots of communication going on too!

The children loved finding the fish and shells in the messy trays today! naming them was fun too!

Welcome to all our children that have started in the afternoon session, I am so proud of them!

Some lovely mark making today with the white boards!

The children are so proud of themselves for completing this fine motor skills activity!!

Great team work when creating their master pieces!

Having my breakfast cooked for me this morning!

Counting bears! fabulous counting from the children today!

Fine Motor skills, this was a challenge but they did it!

A game of number lotto, they really enjoyed this game! well done!

Number match game! this was a great challenge for them all!

Threading with honey hoops! very popular activity today!

The children had so much fun with number lotto, heard some great counting and naming of numbers!

Great communication and language skills going on this morning!

I was so proud of these two children who gave their best effort in the pencil control activity!

The Children have settled well into Nursery life!

Finger Painting that turned into hand painting! They had a lot of fun with it, especially finding out what happens when they mixed the colours!

Box fun in the garden!

Lovely construction happening today!

Sensory fun with sand and oats, very popular with the children!

Lovely reading and great marking skills this week! so proud of them all!

Amazing team work and communication skills shown today! Well done boys!