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Emotional Health and Wellbeing Champions

Our school believes that the emotional health and well-being of everyone is really important and that if we are not emotionally healthy and if we do not feel good, we will not be able to learn effectively.

To help promote emotional health and well-being and remind everybody of its importance, we have emotional well-being champions. This is a group of three year five and three year six children who have undertaken training run by the local education authority.

The emotional wellbeing champions meet regularly with the school’s Inclusion Lead and lead on activities to promote and remind everyone of the importance of wellbeing and of how good emotional health and wellbeing can be realised.

They have an action plan which they regularly review and add to in order to help them to achieve the above goals. 

Here are some comments from our champions about why they wanted to become a champion and why they think emotional health and wellbeing is so important.

‘I like helping people and I like knowing people’s feelings and helping them feel cheerful’ (Elsie, Year 6)

 ‘I wanted to be an Emotional Wellbeing Champion as I don’t like it when people are worried as it makes me worried and it’s not a nice feeling’ (Steven, year 6)

‘I wanted to be a Wellbeing Champion’ because I like helping people to be happy’ (Molly, year 6)

‘I like helping people and trying to make them feel happy’ (Deniz, year 5)

‘Emotional health is important because it helps people be healthier and happier’ (Ryan, year 5)

‘If you don’t have good emotional health you could build up and up with worries’ (Toni, year 5)