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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Classroom Teacher: Mrs Johnson

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Horsborough




Well the end of the year has arrived! What a fun filled year it has been. I would just like to say that I am proud of each and every member of Y2. Looking back at how far the children have come since Y1 is truly amazing. What progress academically and emotionally they have all made. You should be very proud of yourselves. I want to thank you all for such a fabulous year and wish you all the best for Y3. Thank you to all parents who have supported us this year. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. 

I wish you all a restful and enjoyable summer.

Don't forget to send Mrs Kearney a postcard of all the places and adventures you are having.

Thank you

Mrs Johnson, Mrs Horsborough, Miss Maria


Welcome back after half term, hope you all had an enjoyable week. This week the children have some extra home learning to do. Your child should have come home with a design for a bird scarer, which they will be making in class this coming Thursday, so please can they find the materials listed on the sheet to bring in next week by Thursday. We look forward to making them and hanging them in the garden. 

Please see class activities for this weeks learning and Parents - clubs for Science club learning. Thank you.


Please see Home Learning for all the fantastic work Y2 have bought in so far. Please see Class activities for Science Club activities.


Welcome back after the Easter break. The children have really been working hard this week and have produced some fantastic work and have come back refreshed and ready to learn. This week we started our new topic learning about Christopher Columbus and what life was like then compared to now. We also looked at seed dispersal in science and made our own helicopter seeds (sycamore seeds). See class activities page. We have also had some wonderful pieces of home learning in already...….keep up the good work year 2.


We had our last Science Club for this term this week. The children had 2 activities to do. The first was a problem solving challenge to connect the dots without lifting the pencil from the paper. They found this quite difficult!. The second activity, they had a cup with a piece of card over the top and a marble balanced on the card. They had to find a way of making the marble drop into the cup without touching it. They found this one a little easier and some even tried it out with more than 1 marble. Well done to Science Club, who have had a great term of challenges.


We have had a great week, the children have been carrying on with temperature in Maths and were using thermometers to watch how temperature changes when placed on an ice pack or a hot water bottle, the children also drew conclusions that as the hot water bottle cooled down the temperature dropped and as the ice melted the temperature rose. We also collected data on the temperature outside. In English they thoroughly enjoyed writing a story. They were given the scenario of being the naughtiest child in the school who suddenly finds they have swapped bodies with the strictest Head teacher in the school...……..What would they get up to? I have to say none of the things they got up to were pleasant, but they had great fun coming up with ideas and writing them. I was glad I hadn't eaten when I marked them!!surprise

Y2 also applied their knowledge about North, South, East and West this week by following a set of instructions to find treasure. They then wrote directions for their own treasure map. They did very well and found the treasure (chocolate). We used this treasure to make cornflake cakes for their mums for Mothers day. See Class Activities page.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there, have a wonderful day.

Science Club 22.3.19

This week we looked at optical illusions, recognising that there is often more than one way to look at things. Check them out on Class Activities. What do you see?


This week the children have been learning about Temperature in maths and how to read and compare temperatures using a thermometer. We will continue with this next week. They also had fun outside in pairs, blindfolded, guiding each other round a course using directions North, East, South, West. They then wrote directions on how to get from one landmark to another on Katie Morag's Island of Struay. In English they have been producing leaflets about the Island of Coll and during ICT they were able to look up on the internet interesting facts about the place for their writing. See Class Activities for pictures.


This week the children evaluated their bridges from last week and thought about how they could make them better. Then they rebuilt them. Most teams this time managed a bridge that could hold 2 cars securely. We also finished our Maths learning on fractions and will be moving onto temperature next week. Y2 have been busy creating a leaflet about the Island of Coll which we will also finish next week. We've had lots more home learning in to share with the class, well done, keep it coming in. Please see Class Activities for photos.


What a fun packed week we have had. We were very lucky to have 2 parents come and read to us, alongside Mrs Friend from the office, Miss Maria and Mrs Ramsey from Y4, exposing the children to lots of different books and authors. We had 2 assemblies with 2 different authors who came and talked to us about their published books. We designed front covers for our own book and of course dressed up as characters from the authors we have been studying.

Also we continued with great fraction work this week, looking at 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, and 1/5 of amounts. We made bridges out of paper in Science that would hold a toy car. The children looked at the different structures used on bridges and the different way we can fold and bend paper to design one of their own in groups. We had some outstanding structures. In English we learnt about riddles and created our own. We have also had some wonderful work from the new topic home learning grid handed in.

Please see Class Activities page for photos.


A great start back to the new term. Y2 had a fantastic drama workshop where they had to be super hero's, helping save the planet and learning about ways we can do this. We had a great Science lesson testing a variety of balls to see which one was the bounciest and why. We have been learning about fractions in maths and will continue this next week moving onto time. In English and topic we started out new topic looking at the Island of Coll, where it is, what it is like and were introduced to Katie Morag who lives on an Island very similar to Coll. We had the last few Charlie and the Chocolate Factory home learning activities handed in too. We have now finished this topic. And we had the first few activities from our new topic handed in. It is great to see the children excited about their learning.

Don't forget next week we have world book week and on Friday the children can come dressed as a character from any of the books by the authors we have studied, so any character from the Roald Dahl books and any characters from the Mairi Hedderwick books (Katie Morag).


What a fantastic last week of term. The children really enjoyed a dance workshop from Dance4all, there are photos on our class page. We had loads of excellent home learning pieces this week including 3 cakes!! We have now finished our topic on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and will be starting a new topic next term. I will soon be adding a new topic grid onto our class page under Home Learning where I will also upload any photos relating to this topic, so please keep a look out for them. You can still bring in work from our current topic up until the first Monday back after half term and then we will move onto the new one.

Please continue to hear your child read daily (we do check books daily at school too). Children will have weekly spellings, tested on a Friday. Please can you practice daily the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables with your children.

Thank you for your support and have a fabulous half term break. 


What a great trip today and the weather held out for us. Y1 and Y2 thoroughly enjoyed learning about seeds and seed dispersal. We went out into the woods and searched for different types of seeds and discussed our findings. We also sorted different fruit and vegetables into categories such as flowers, roots, stems and leaves. The children learnt how bees collect pollen from flowers and got to try this out being actual flowers and bees.

In the afternoon we went pond dipping and looked at our findings close up, trying to identify what type of insects we found and we found lots! 

The children really enjoyed the day and showed great enthusiasm with the activities and pride in the badge. Well done everyone. no 

Take a look at our class activities page for photos.


This week Year 2 have been learning how to use 'Scatch', a programme on the computer that you can make pictures, sounds and write a set of instructions to make an object move. We also looked at how transport has changed through the ages and the children made their own wheels out of paper straws and tested them to see how well they would roll. In Science we collected different types of materials from around the school and designed our own experiments to prove/disprove the following question. Do all hard materials absorb water? The children found out that not all hard materials absorb water. 

We hope you enjoy the long weekend and have fun building snowmen in the snow.


We have had some amazing projects coming in as part of Year 2's Home Learning. Lots of chocolate bars, 3D Willy Wonka Chocolate Factories, Golden Tickets, Spy reports, places the children would like to travel to via TV, a boat made entirely from chocolate and sweets and a fabulous cake depicting the room where you can eat everything, with a boat on a chocolate river. The children have enjoyed sharing their projects with the whole school, so please keep them coming in. What fabulous hard work. 

Also this week the children have been learning about 2D shapes in Maths and have written some fantastic diaries as Charlie Bucket on the day he finds the last Golden ticket. 


Please see Class Activities for our fun packed week of learning.


What a fantastic start to the term. The children have come back refreshed and ready for learning. We have been learning about multiplication and repeated addition this week. They have worked on the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. In topic we have started looking at how things have changed over time, for example the first type of TV compared to now, how people washed clothes and heated their homes. It has been interesting exploring these differences and some similarities. The children have started reading Charlie and the chocolate factory and looking at the differences in the book compared to the film, we have even had a few golden tickets and chocolate bar designs already completed from the home learning grid. Well done to those children. They will be displayed in school and when we have a few more I will put a photo up for you all to see their wonderful ideas and hard work. We are looking forward to next weeks learning and a whole day on science where we will be learning about how aircraft fly, designing our own planes and testing how far they travel.


Wow, what a great week, Y1 & Y2 did their Nativity which they did extremely well with, a real credit to their parents, they worked so hard and thoroughly enjoyed performing to you all. It was a great success. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for all the fabulous costumes you provided, they looked wonderful. We have also been busy with making Christmassy things and you can see some of these on out Photo page. I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday and the children come back refreshed and ready for learning.


We also had our last sewing club session, the children have been weaving and making snowmen, take a look at their final designs, I think you will agree they look amazing. Well done sewing club.

Merry Christmas



Y2 had Norden Farm visiting this week providing a workshop on Wild Flowers. Please see class photos. They thoroughly enjoyed creating different sized flowers with different shaped petals, using poster paints in various colours on a 10ft piece of paper.

Well done Year 2.


What a great start to this term, the children have been busy working hard. We have been looking at habitats these past few weeks and classifying items into groups of alive, dead and never been alive. We went round the school grounds and collected lots of interesting things we then grouped. See our class photos. We had a drama workshop where the children had to pretend to be ring masters and find the clowns red nose, we all thoroughly enjoyed moving around the hall in role. We have been adding and subtracting numbers and looking at money. If you get the time please allow the opportunity for your child to use real money when shopping so they become familiar with the different coins, notes and amounts. In English we have been looking at rhyming words, verbs and question marks. Lastly we have started rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity, the children are very enthused about performing for you all. 


We have had a great few weeks. The children in English wrote shape poems about what they might find in a sewer, for example, rotten food, empty cartons, flies and had fun smelling lots of different items (pretty stinky stuff). In Maths they have been learning about different ways to represent numbers, greater than, less than and equals. In Science we have continued our work on life cycles and the children thoroughly enjoyed explaining the life cycle of a frog in their class assembly. They painted their own versions of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' which were very beautiful. We have currently been drawing his 'Starry Night' with small stokes using wax crayons. Later on next term these will be going home for you to keep. We have had International week, where we looked at Italy, their currency, flag, landmarks and tasted olives, chorizo, salami, parmesan and bread sticks. Many tried things they hadn't eaten before. It is also Black History Month and we have studied Lewis Hamilton, watching a short video of him racing in his Formula 1 car, learning about his childhood, achievements and his recent win in Japan.

Please look at the class pictures page for photos.


Y2 have had a great start to the term. They have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and have just started their own paintings on 'The Sunflowers'. We have been practicing our 1 and 2 times tables and number bonds to 20. In English we have been creating magic potions where the children went out into the garden area to collect ingredients to make their own. Please see pictures under class pictures. I am look forward to reading all about them on Monday. Well done Y2 keep up the hard work smiley

Welcome back to a new academic year. We hope you have had a restful but fun packed holiday and the children are ready to start the term. We have lots of interesting learning planned, more information to come in the curriculum newsletter, so watch out for this. Please can children bring their P.E. Kits to school on the first day. 

On a separate note, we would be very grateful for any donations of unwanted knitting wool to use in school. Please could you hand them  directly to me please. Thank you in advance. And any Science resources that you are able to donate, (letter sent out at end of summer term detailing items) there will be a box in the main Reception area. Again thank you for those.

Lastly, we are looking forward to seeing the children bright and chirpy on Wednesday 5th September.