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Class Activities

Spring Term Week 6

It's hard to believe we are the end of another term. This week the children evaluated their dragon eyes. They will be taking them home this week.  They were assessed for their end of unit topic on continents. The children really enjoys this topic. We had a visit from the Dog's Trust which advised the children on how to stay safe around dogs. In Maths, the children finished their fractions off and I'm pleased to say they all did very well in a recent arithmetic assessment. Please keep encouraging your child at home to use TTRS regularly.  It was great to see so many taking part in the Easter Bonnet competition. There were some wonderful creations.

Have a lovely Easter and thank you as always for your continued support.


Spring Term Week 5


This week, the children continued learning about fractions in Maths. They did an independent write in English - writing a newspaper article about the Race to the South Pole. In RE we looked at Holy Week and talked about what happened every day and why it is an important part of  Christianity.  In Art, the children glazed their dragon eyes, so they will be sent home next week once they have assessed their work. I must say I have been blown away by how creative each child has been. They look fantastic!

 Spring Term 2 Week 4

This week is British Science Week so we started the week with a live lesson on BBC Teach, looking at lifecycles and  metamorphosis. This tied in with our learning from last term on Animals Including Humans. In Maths we started a new topic - fractions and in Geography we jumped over to another continent and did some research on North America. In Art, the children used clay to make their dragon eyes. They haven't quite finished them yet, but so far their creations are phenomenal. I am so impressed!

In RE we continued learning about Lent and talked about what happened to Jesus in the desert and how he coped with temptation. We finished and performed our Circus Dance and in English we looked at suffixes and wrote a diary entry pretending to be Captain Scott recanting his expedition to the South Pole.

Spring T2 Week 3

We started the week with some PSHE - What colour is your dragon? The children grasped this concept at the beginning of the year, so it is great to see they understand it and continue to use it daily. The children have now completed the course so will be given a certificate in recognition of their achievement.

In English we looked at descriptive writing, focusing on the book Molly McDrew - An Adventure Around the World. The children have produced some great writing and acting this week which has also tied in with our Geography learning on continents.. In Maths we finished our measurement topic. We start fractions next week.  In Art, the children designed their dragon eye and played with clay to get a feel for the texture. We looked at the skills involved using clay.  On Friday we had World Book Day. It was great to see all the children dressed up in costumes aligned with our learning so far this year. They looked fabulous. 

Spring Term 2 Week 2

The children enjoyed getting outside this week. We explored the school garden in search of microhabitats. In Maths, the children learnt about mass, capacity and temperature. The children enjoyed learning about Europe and Asia when looking at the continents this week. We also learnt about Captain Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to Antarctica which took place between 1910-1913. In English, the children wrote an independent story based on our class book - Lost and Found.

We also loved having author Naomi Joslyn into visit us on Friday. She has written some wonderful picture books which cover some of our learning this year - Molly McDrew and the Great Fire of London and Molly McDrew - An Adventure Around the World. It was great to hear the children recant their knowledge of their prior learning. 


Spring Term 2 Week 1


The children had a great first week back. In English we started our new book - Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. In Science we started our Living Things and Their Habitats topic, investigating different habitats. In Maths we looked at measurement. In RE we looked at what Lent is and why it is important to Christians. We looked at continents and oceans in Geography.

The trip letters to Wellington Country park were sent home. Please can these by returned ASAP. The trip is available now to pay on Scopay, thank you. Next week the traveling book fair will be visiting, so books are available to buy after school every day (excluding Wednesday). Thank you to those who have already donated books for the book swap. We have a nice collection in our class and the children have enjoyed listening to some of the stories during class reading time.

Spring Term 1 Week 6


It's hard to believe it's the last week of term. It's flown by! This week we finished off our Great Fire of London topic in History. The children have really enjoyed this topic. They enjoyed learning about Tudor Houses, Samuel Pepys, Kind Charles II and what life was like back in 1666. In English the children wrote diary entries as if they were Samuel Pepys and did an independent write from a child's perspective during the Great Fire. I am so proud of their writing and of how far they have come so far in Year 2. In Maths we continued with multiplication and division. In Art the children assessed their Great Fire of London artwork. This week is Children's Mental Heath Week, so we talked about who we can talk to in and out of school. The theme was 'My Voice Matters' The children did some meditation, cosmic yoga and we talked about their proud moments and gratitude moment. It was Safer Internet Day (SIF) this week. We talked about how to keep safe online. We finished the week off with a newspaper report in History and  learnt about Chinese New Year. The children made some great dragons representing the year of the dragon.

Have a lovely half term and that you as always for all your support. Mrs Cookson

Spring Term 1 Week 5 WB 31.1.24

Another wonderful week of learning!

In Maths we looked at division and went over some previous learning to reinforce adding and subtracting. In English we looked at homophones, especially there, their and they're. In RE the children enjoyed learning about the Shabbat. The children finished their Great Fire of London collage in Art and in Science we investigated why our heart rate increases when we exercise.

Spring Term 1 Week 4 WB 22.1.24


This week we continued our instructions of how to catch a dragon in English, using Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing approach to learning.

In Science the children had a lot of fun conducting an investigation into shoe size v age. In Art we started our Great Fire of London collage and in History we looked at why the fire spread so quickly. In RE we continued looking at Judaism and in PSHE we talked about what helps us to focus. We continued our dance session about the secret garden in PE and the children are doing well in Maths, understanding sharing and equal grouping.

Spring Term 1 Week 3 WB 15.1.24

This week we finished off looking at money in Maths and started our multiplication and division unit. The children looked at identifying equal groups. In English the children wrote an independent piece of writing  - their own version of George and the Dragon. 

In Science we talked about the human lifecycle and the children named each stage. We completed our kite project in DT and also researched Tudor houses for our Fire and Ice theme. The children are enjoying learning about the Great Fire of London and what London was like in 1666. We have compared what it was like to live in London at that time, how the fire started and why it spread so quickly. The children also took part in a Spaceship Earth Primary Show this week which they enjoyed.

Spring Term Wk 2 WB 8.1.24

The children enjoyed their first dance lesson. Our theme is 'The Secret Garden. We continued looking at money in Maths. The children loved role-playing being a shop keeper and recognised the challenges working out the change for the customer. We researched the Great Fire of London, looking at how it started, the damaged caused and how far it spread. In PSHE we talked about fire safety, what to in an emergency and the children designed fire safety posters.

It is great to see the home-learning coming in. Please encourage your child to bring some home-learning in. This helps their confidence when speaking in front of the class.


Spring 1 Week 1 Spring Term Week 1 This week we jumped straight into our new book reading George and The Dragon. The children are really enjoying the story. We looked at nouns and adjectives and the children wrote an alternative version of the story. We have started learning about money in Maths, looking at the value of coins and pounds and adding different amount together. In Science we have started our Animals Including Humans topic. We looked at what a lifecycle is and the stages of complete metamorphosis. This term the children can wear their PE kits on Tuesday and on Thursday as we will be doing dance on Thursday's. New spellings were sent home this week. The spelling test will be next Friday. Timestables homework was also sent home. Please encourage your child to learn their 2 times table, including the division facts. They will be tested every Friday. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend.

Autumn 2 Week 7

Autumn 2 Week 6

Autumn 2 week 5

Autumn 2 Week 4

Autumn T2 Week 3

Autumn T2 Week 2

Autumn Term 2 Week 1

National Week. We have had a very busy week learning all about British Values and Scotland. We have even had a go at Maypole dancing!

Autumn Week 6 Another great week of learning in Year 2. In English we did some grammar work about commas and questions marks. We looked at the Three Little Pigs houses and the materials they were made from in Science. In Maths we looked at 1 more and 1 less and counting in 10s. The children enjoyed learning about the Space Race in History. We had a fantastic response to the harvest food donations. We came a very close second during the whole school line up so I was very proud of the children. They are continuing to work hard. Next week in National Week so we have some exciting learning planned.

Autumn Week 5 The children completed another independent write in English this week. They have worked hard to understand diary entry features and wrote some wonderful entries. We finished place value in Maths and moved onto addition and subtraction. In Art the children enjoyed making their own birds of paradise. In Science we looked at identifying materials outside. It is great to see so many children continuing to bring in their home-learning. Thank you to those that have donated items for food share. Donating even one item will help someone less fortunate, so thank you for your generosity.

Autumn Week 4. Another busy week in Year 2. We continued with place value in Maths, using numberlines and our number bonds knowledge to add and subtract. In English, the children wrote a postcard for their first independent write based on our recent class book - Whatever Next! We have now moved onto our next book - Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. We have looked at sequencing a story and the features of writing a diary and done some work on writing in the first person and the past tense. In Art, the children continued their Birds of Paradise topic and in PE they worked on balancing, throwing and catching. Thank you to those that sent in donations for the Macmillan Coffee Morning.