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Our children are central to all that we do.

Return to School on Monday 8th March - as per our email

Return to school on Monday 8th March (as per my email to all families)


This is a summary of what you need to know, apologies for the directness and final changes! 

Unless you have documentation that you do not need to, please note face coverings must be worn if you are to enter either the car park or playground gate.


Please be prepared that if you are not wearing one then we will bring your child to the gate. We
do not do this for any other reason but to save the lives of our staff, children and


Please note school staff are nowhere on the vaccination list ahead of anyone else and so whether you have had the virus or had the vaccination we would appreciate your support.


Where do we drop children off?

  • Nursery – EYFS gate 8.30/12.30
  • Reception - EYFS gate - 8.45
  • Y1/2 – Car park gate – 8.45
  • Y3/4/5/6 – Main gate – 8.30


**Please do not arrive too early as this could cause crossing of bubbles.


Where do we pick them up from?

  • Nursery – EYFS gate – 11.30/3.30
  • Reception – EYFS gate – 3.00
  • Y1/2 – Car park gate – 3.00
  • Y3/4/Y5/6 – Playground gate - 3.05


Parents will not be allowed to access the building and should keep 2M apart whilst waiting.


  •  Children will be released one child at a time to the next parent in the line
  • The playground will be zoned so please only be in the area designated for your child, we will send your child to you.


What should they bring to school?

  •  Full school uniform inc PE/named water bottle/lunch box/PE kits/reading books in a small named bag.


Will there be clubs and other things going on?

  • Only the multi sports club for Y3/4 led by Premier – please book online directly at the moment.


Will there be hot lunches?
 Yes, please encourage your children to have a hot lunch


Break time snack must only be fresh fruit or veg, please do not send in anything else


If we keep to the guidance and rules then we will continue to stay safe and things will get back to normal.


Please talk with your child about coming back to school and the routines in place. We have sent you something called a social story which will help them to prepare for coming back to school.


All risk assessments are on the website if you would like to see them in more detail.

Please help us to keep to this and we can be more flexible after Easter!