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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Classroom Teacher: Mr Scarborough

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs Harrison

Wednesday 27th February

Y6 have had a fantastic day to day. This morning, we walked to Maidenhead Library and were treated to a workshop by author Piers Torday. He spoke to us about how he started writing stories and where he gets his inspiration from. There were lots of requests to get some of his books into school, so watch this space....

Then this afternoon, we started off with everybody being given a log in to "Doodle Maths". This is a website that children can access at home and that will help them with their Maths, especially in the run-up to SATs. Children are asked to complete a quiz and then the website designs a program for each individual child, noting which areas they need help with and where they need to be stretched. It is free, so please encourage your child to use it.

Finally, this afternoon, we had our first lesson with Jane, a dance teacher from the borough, who is going to teach the children some 1940s dances to fit in with our World War II topic. It also means that we can help children who are having difficulty in other areas, in a small group.

So, as they say....Keep Dancing!

Yesterday, in the howling wind,  Year 6 recreated the journey of blood through the body. Some represented the organs which were being fed by the blood. some represented the heart who pumped the blood around, some were the lungs making sure that the blood contained oxygen and others were the blood itself moving around the body. It was chaos but great fun!

Year 6 being the heart!

Year 6 being the heart! 1
Year 6 being the heart! 2
Year 6 being the heart! 3
Year 6 being the heart! 4
Year 6 being the heart! 5