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Wild West Club


This week we made snakes found in the dry Arizona desert. Just a reminder there will be no Wild West club next week (20.3.20).

This week Mrs Arthur came and talked to us about the native American tribe 'Hopi'. The children tried out a musical ankle bracelet, they tasted the agave plant in liquid form, it was very sweet, a vegan equivalent to honey. We learnt several symbols, meaning man - mountain - travel - friend. We were also shown some sand paintings. All very interesting.
This week we learnt about cattle ranches and create our own collage
Pin the tail on the Horse!
We have finished our Cowboy and Indian, so this week we moved onto making yarn dolls. In the Wild West at that time, children had to make their own toys out of yarn. Our club found it interesting to learn that there were no toy shops! We will continue with these next week.
This week the children were introduced to the Wild West, cowboys, Indians, gold mining, sheriffs, towns and horses. This week our project was to create 2 wild west people. We drew around 2 children and started to draw clothing on them, one for a cowboy and one for an Indian, having looked at the type of clothing both wore. We will continue with this next week and hopefully soon after, they will go up on display. Photos to follow afterwards.