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Friday 7th January


Dear Parent,


Happy New Year to you all.  The children have had a great week and have settled in nicely.


I have uploaded the spelling lists for the children to learn at home over the next week. They will also get an opportunity to learn them at school.

They will be tested next Friday.


I have split the children into two groups – The Snails and The Whales. The snails have 5 spellings to learn and the whales have 10. From next term all children will have 10.

The children are aware what group they are in and a hard copy has been sent home with them to practice.

The children should use the “ Look, Say, Cover, Write” method. It is easy and effective.


If you have an questions, please let me know.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Cookson



Tuesday 15th March 2022


Good afternoon,

I wanted to update you about the change to the spellings this term.

Whales will continue to have 10 spellings and Snails will have 5. There is now another group called Gruffalo's. This group will primarily be concentrating on the high frequency words. I have implemented this change to enable all children to succeed in their weekly spelling test. We do practice spellings during the week, however it is important your child also practices at home, as they are also working on improving their handwriting. I would appreciate it if you can support your child in doing this.


Spelling lists attached.


Best wishes

Mrs Cookson