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Our last week of Science club. Children were looking at the mass of objects and how many were needed to make the water in the cup spill over. Results were interesting. It took 352 paper clips, 26 rubbers, 44 marbles, 15 cubes and 200 counters. 

Thank you all who came to club this term it has been great fun and well done.


This week the children had coins and were trying to move the last coin in a row by flicking the first one. They had to see how far they could move it. Our second activity was playing IT by standing on another's shadow. We had great fun.


This week the children learnt about electrical circuits and that we can make a human circuit using an energy stick. Linking hands they set the flashing lights off and buzzer. When two children separated hands the circuit was broken and the light/buzzer went off. They also had a go at using springs, held by string up to their ears. We talked about sound vibrations, it sounded a little like being underwater. From last week we looked at magnets again since they all enjoyed using the haematite rocks so much. They also had a go at making their own instrument that would make a deep noise when blown.


This week in Science club the children had a selection of shells, rocks, crystals and fossils to look at, touch and hear the sea in. They spent some time just exploring the tins containing them, then they were asked to classify them into 2 groups, deciding themselves how to do this. Some decided to look at colour, some texture etc. Then they were asked whether any might fit into both groups, for example, pointy, smooth, pointy and smooth. The children also found some haematite which they quickly realised was magnetic so they went round the classroom finding out what materials it was attracted to, a few also realised if you turned the stones around they repelled. Great work Science Club.



Welcome back to Science club. This week the children experimented with body balancing, they had to try and stand up from a sitting position without leaning forward. They found this impossible as is it!. Then they had to try and lean over and touch the rubber with their nose... some could do this but found their body would tip forward as they could not stay balanced in that position. Next they stood against a walk with their right foot and hand leaning up against it and had to try and lift their left leg up...…….again impossible without wobbling over. Lastly they had to try and lift a chair with only one hand holding just the base of a leg, some managed but found it quite difficult. We talked about the reasons behind each experiment working/not working. After that we looked at the forces of gravity and air resistance. The children were given a coin and a piece of paper slightly smaller than the coin. When dropped from the same height the coin landed first. We discussed why. The children then had to find a way to have both land at the same time. They worked out that if they placed the paper on top of the coin or indeed underneath the coin they could achieve their goal. Again we discussed the forces behind this. Great work clubbers.

This week the children had to try and balance the cups on either end of the ruler, like a balancing scale. The cups had water in them. The children found that the rulers were a bit too bendy so they tried to make the pivot higher and tape 2/3 rulers together to make them stronger. The children found this challenge quite difficult, but preserved. 
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This week in Science club we used 4 knives and 5 cups. We investigated through trial and error whether we could place the knives, points touching each other over the 5th cup and then remove the 5th cup from under them and place on top of the knives. The children found this quite challenging. They began to realise that the knives had to interlock to stop them from falling down when the cup was removed. Eventually both groups succeeded. Well done
Welcome to the first week of Science club this term. This week the children looked at capital letters and how if you take part of the structure of the letter away can you still recognise it after. Our visual perceptions. So they wrote simple messages and then took parts of each letter away where possible and gave their message to another group to see if they could still read it.

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