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Larchfield Primary and Nursery School

Our children are central to all that we do.

School Choir

The School Choir, consisting of children from years 3 -6 (KS2), meet every Monday after school. We always start our sessions with some warm up games. These support the development of rhythm skills, articulation, pitch etc and the children really enjoy playing these. There are some firm favourites that the children request each week! As part of the warm up, we always do some 'rounds' and the children can volunteer to be the conductor for their group, with support from me to develop their conducting skills. After our warm up games we learn songs. We learn a song bit by bit and then put it all together in a performance, trying to perfect the performance of it over the next few weeks, with children learning how long to hold different notes on for, how loudly or softly to sing at different parts of the song, etc. At the end of each full term we put on a short concert for parents after our last club session where we perform our favourite songs from that term. At Christmas we go out into the local community and sing to elderly residents at various events. We also try to take part in one big concert in the local community/further afield each year. This year the children performed at Maidenhead's Got Talent, organised by The Rotary Club. They had a fantastic time and there was a real 'buzz' amongst them when they came off stage! 

We always welcome new members to join the choir!

Mrs Scawn 

Baby one, two, three (words)

Baby one, two, three (Backing track)

Baby one, two, three (Performance track)

Warm up and Stomp - Peformance Track

Warm up and Stomp - Backing track

Throw Catch

Kye Kye Kule - peformance track

Kye Kye Kule - backing Track