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Remote Learning


As we have learned letter sound 's', can you find or think of things that begin with 's'?

For maths, can you sort some of your toys? How are you going to sort them (by colour, size)?

If would be lovely to see some photos of you sorting.


Please watch the story, link below and join in with the actions. You many want to pause the video and revisit.


Maths - we have been learning about matching.  Can you give your child some items to match (e.g. socks)




To draw a story map.  Please see the link below.


In maths we will be comparing amounts.  Can you give your child piles of objects (1 to 5 to start with.  This can be increased to 10 depending on how confident your child is with this).  Can they say which pile has more?


Please click on link below to "To use actions to 'step out' a story"



Watch clip on numbers to 5



Using actions to mime a story













To join in with a story 'Bats learn to dance' (link below).



We have been learning about shapes.  Can you make a shape picture using the different shapes?  (Your grown up might want to cut out some shapes from card for you to draw around).  Can you describe the shapes used (how many sides and corners do they have)?



We will be learning 'b'.  Look at the sound mat that was sent home to show the picture of the boot.

Can you think of things that begin with 'b'?  Can you find anything in your house that begins with 'b'?

Have a go at writing the letter 'lead in, down the laces, over the toe, touch the heel, lead out'.


Can you read these words:

bad, but, bit, cub



Maths - Shape patterns.

Click on the link below to complete the pattern.  Challenge yourself with level 2 and then level 3.


Literacy - To sing and map a story.  Please see link for video and details:


Literacy - To step a recycled story

Please find link below:



We have been looking at artist Kandinsky.   Have a look at pictures.  Which shapes can you see in the pictures?  Can you tell your grown up how many sides and corners the shapes have?


Literacy: To mime a story.  Please see link:


Maths: We have looked at number 5 today.  Please see video at:



Phonics- we have learned 'f'.

Put your top teeth on your bottom lip to hear the sound.  It sounds a bit like the air is coming out of a balloon.

Can you think of words beginning with this sound?

Here are some more....funny, funfair, foot, feel, friend, fairy.

Does it sound like a 'bouncy' or a  'stretchy' sound.

Can you use your 'Fred fingers' to read the words:






Literacy: To tell a story independently.  Please see link


Maths: We are continuing to learn 'subitising' (recognise how many there are without counting for numbers to 5).  Ask your grown up to put things out in groups (e.g. 4 toys, 5 spoons).  Can you say how many there are without counting them.



Literacy: To recycle the story of bats learn to dance at



Number blocks -Stampolines


Please see link below:


Literacy: To join in with a recycled story at:



Following the 'Stampolines' clip from yesterday we are going to find ways of making 5.

Put your cubes in a tower.  Now you have 5 and 0, that makes 5.

Are there any other ways of making 5?




Literacy: To join in with a recycled story.  Please see link below::



Maths: Can you sequence by putting the pictures in the right order? (see File 'Time sequencing handwashing.pdf).  This can be printed or discussed and steps put in right order.




To listen and join in with a story (The Little Red Hen).  See link below:




We are working on 4 sided shapes.  Please see file attached.

Can you find any 4 sided shapes at home?  What is the shape called?  How do you know it is a rectangle and not a square? How many sides and corners does it have?


Literacy: To sing and map a story, see link below



We are learning 'j'.

Please see Mr. Thorne clip at link below:


Can you think of any words beginning with the 'j' sound?  Are there any things in your house that you can show your grown up?

Have a go at writing 'j', lead in, down Jack's body, lead out, pen off and dot the head. (Have a look at the sound mat that was sent home).


Can you read the words your grown up has written for you (jam, jog, jig, jet)?  Remember to use your Fred Fingers.



Shapes with 4 sides to the rescue - sheet sent home



To focus on character at



Square to the rescue and rectangle to the rescue (sheets have been sent home).


Can you write a list of things you might like from Santa?

Say the word aloud and slowly and write down the sounds you can hear.

Remember to clap the syllables and write down the sounds in each syllable.

Remember to use your sound mat!

23rd March 2022


Dear Parents/Carers,


Please find attached remote learning for today.



To listen and join with the story of Mouse and Deer.  Please see link at



We have been learning about 3D shapes (3D shapes have 'faces').  For example, a cylinder has two circle faces and one curved face.

Can you find any 3D shapes at home?  Can you tell your grown-up about the faces that the 3D shape has?


Please see 'Printing with 3D shapes' at link below


Kindest regards

Mrs. Sharma


24th March 2022


Please find Powerpoint file attached with remote learning for today.



Reception remote learning 24/3/22

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