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Home Learning

Go Bananas Home Learning Grid - Spring 2022

Mason's Crazy Banana Song

Scarlett's Fruit Art!

William and the maracas that he has made at home

William's Treasure Island banana tree

Angelique safe in her gas mask

Scarlett's Safety-First Gas Mask

Chloe's Chemical-Proof Gas Mask

Adriana's book club

Poppy the maths teacher!

Adriana's WW2 Bake Off Challenge - Apple Crumble Yummy!!

Gianna's Great Evacuee's Case (and postcard home)

Gianna in her Gas Mask

Chloe's Evacuee's Case

Scarlett's Suitcase for an Evacuee

Scarlett's Super Spitfire

Isa's Incredible Spitfire

Adrianna's Amazing spitfire

Gas mask at the ready!

The evacuee's suitcase