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Home Learning

13.10.2020 Sara has made the most outstanding gas mask. It is so well made. Fantastic work Sara!

12.10.2020 Deniz has written a good diary entry as an evacuee. It's almost as if he was there!

12.10.2020 Ashton has been growing his own vegetables. His spring onions are coming on a treat!

6.10.2020 Our Head Girl, Amy, has made a fabulous WWII gas mask.

6.10.2020 Jonathan did a very good interview with his grandfather about WWII.

29.9.2020 Aoife has drawn a very effective looking WWII plane. Well done Aoife!

29.9.2020 Oliwia has made an extraordinary gas mask. It can actually be screwed apart. How clever! Her fighter plane and written description is super too.

28.9.2020 Deniz has drawn a very good German fighter plane from WWII. Keep the fantastic home-learning coming in Deniz!

23.9.2020 Juan has made an amazing gas mask and drawn a very good fighter jet too. Well done Juan!

22.9.2020 Vihaan has been very busy making a WWII evacuee's suitcase out of cardboard and tinfoil. It even has a handle that works! Well done.

22.9.2020 Amy used up her rations to make these delicious looking rock buns. Well done Amy!

21.9.2020 Ahmet has sketched a very good fighter plane from WWII. Well done Ahmet!

21.9.2020 Jonathan has drawn a WWII fighter plane. Well done Jonathan!

21.9.2020 Ylana has drawn, and coloured, a very good fighter plane. Well done Ylana!

21.9.2020 Deniz has created a fantastic gas mask and suitcase. He's ready to be evacuated!

14.9.2020 Well done Vihaan for being the first child in Y6 to bring in a piece of home learning from our grid. A super gas mask.

Autumn Term 2020 Home Learning Grid