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Summer Term 2021 Home Learning Grid

Aoife has been so busy creating an excellent family tree, a flag combining all the countries in the United Kingdom and a super map of Maidenhead. Fantastic work Aoife!

10.5.21 This weekend, Deniz prepared a meal for his family that they had never tried before. He made a fluffy Japanese omlette which had a different taste to a regular omlette. He used lemon, apple and orange juice and his parent reported that it was delicious. Well done Deniz!

10.5.21 Amy has created some super fossils out of dough. I believe they are the prints of her own animals!

7.5.21 Jonathan has made an excellent scene of the witches on the heath (Macbeth) out of Lego. Well done Jonathan

30.4.21 Autumn has been so busy cooking in the kitchen. Not only did she make the food and set the table, she did the washing up too. What a helpful girl. Well done Autumn.

26.4.21 Amy has been busy helping in the kitchen this weekend. She made some delicious Yorkshire puddings and helped to set the table out. Well done Amy.

26.3.21 Aoife's art work is fantastic. She has drawn some tropical fruit and a map of Cuba.

26.3.21 What a creative banana plant Aoife has made - it's made out of lolly-pop sticks. Well done Aoife.

25.3.21 What a healthy and delicious orange, mango and pineapple smoothie Jonathan has made.

21.3.21 Deniz has made a mouthwatering smothie using bananas, mangos, blueberries and chocolate ice-cream. Delicious!

14.3.21 Deniz has been busy making a serene habitat and a marvellous face out of fruit.

14.3.21 Aoife has made a comfortable habitat for her grandmother's cats.

14.3.21 Ylana has made a very colourful maraca which is in full working order. Good job Ylana!

9.3.21 Laura's musical instruments are so well made. These must have taken hours to do. Brilliant work Laura!

26.2.21 Look at this flamingo habitat that Juan has made. I love the way he has fanned the paper for the wings. It's so clever!

24.2.21 What a colourful paint by numbers Juan has made. I wish I could draw a parrot like that! Great work Juan.

22.2.21 Oliwia has had a tropical half term making this super banana plant. I love the background and the monkey peeking around the plant with the bunch of bananas! Great work Oliwia.

20.2.21 Sara's had a busy half term making bongos and a very creative banana plant. Time well spent Sara!

10.2.21 Oliwia created a super colour by numbers Caribbean scene. Here are the before and after photos. Great work Oliwia.

10.2.21 Tia has been busy baking the most mouth-watering carrot cake slices today. Delicious!

9.2.21 Amy has been busy making a banana plant too. Go Amy!

9.2.21 This is such an awesome steel drum. Do you recognise the colours? Great work Amy!

8.2.21 Sara has created the most amazing PowerPoint on climate types on Earth and is even presenting it on her slides. Absolutely outstanding! However, I have just not been able to upload the 'presented' version...yet. In the meantime, I am uploading her PowerPoint.

5.2.21 Ashton has been getting creative with his artwork yet again! He has made a wonderful Caribbean scene. Look at that sun! Well done Ashton.

4.2.21 This must have taken Juan such a long time to make. What an amazing banana plant. Juan, you are so creative - I like the bananas on the ground. Remarkable work. Well done!

4.2.21 As part of our Caribbean home learning grid, Oliwia has drawn a very good map of Barbados. Magnificent map work Oliwia!

4.2.21 Oliwia has created a delicious looking smoothie. Splendid work - and so healthy!

2.2.21 Sakshi has been investigating habitats and has written a good report comparing 5 different animals' habitats. Good work Sakshi!

2.2.21 Juan has drawn the most amazing picture of African slavery. Fantastic work Juan.

2.2.21 Deniz has made a fun game based on our topic. X marks the spot. I can't wait to play it. Fantastic work Deniz!

1.2.21 Sara has made the most amazing habitat. It must have taken her hours! Fabulous work Sara. Well done!

1.2.21 What a beautiful water colour of the Caribbean Sara has made. I'd love to be there. Well done Sara!

1.2.21 Sara has been investigating the pros and cons of living in the Caribbean. I don't know about living there, but some warm sunshine would be very welcome!

28.1.21 Juan has become quite the artist. Look at his drawing of Long John Silver. Great work Juan!

27.1.21 Sakshi has drawn such a big map of Jamaica that it had to be continued on another page! Well done Sakshi.

26.1.21 Juan has drawn some very colourful instruments and a very effective piece of Caribbean art. Well done Juan!

25.1.21 Sarah has made a very detailed map of Barbados and a paint by numbers Caribbean scene. Well done Sarah!

24.1.21 Summer has put her hug token on her snowman 'Veggie'. How lovely!

24.1.21 Juan has built his first snowman and has made a snow angel too. Brrrrr.

24.1.21 Amy has been busy this weekend making the most amazing snowman. It's almost as tall as her!

20.1.21 Laura has been investigating the history of slavery and has even been looking at Caribbean music. She has created a great piece of artwork on her slave dwelling, and a colourful and informative sheet on musical instruments. Well done Laura.

13.1.21 Sakshi has been busy making a very exotic smoothie. It looks delicious!

12.1.21 Sara has made delicious smoothies using pineapple, banana and coconut milk. I wish one of those was mine!

11.1.21 What a super map of a Caribbean island Amy has drawn. Great work Amy!

11.1.21 Amy has made a very healthy smoothie. My mouth is watering!

10.1.21 Deniz's superb artwork on slavery in the Caribbean. Well done Deniz.

8.1.21 Jonathan made me smile when he sent in his very tasty looking photo.

Spring 2020 Home Learning Grid - Go Bananas

Autumn Term 2020 Home Learning Grid

2.12.2020 Ismaeel has been busy researching Captain Tom, researched fighter planes, made a list of women's jobs in WWII and drew a suitcase! What a busy week he's had. Well done Ismaeel.

2.12.2020 Tia made a very good gas mask as part of her home learning. Well done!

2.12.2020 Szabi drew a good evacuees suitcase. Well done!

2.12.2020 Juan has been working really hard on his home learning. He has produced some good work on blackouts and just look at his 'Dig for Victory' poster!

2.12.2020 Sakshi has created a vegetable character for her 'Dig for Victory' poster. Well done.

19.11.2020 Aoife has brought in an extraordinary amount of home learning - and all of an excellent quality too. Very well done Aoife.

19.11.2020 Ylana has made the most creative looking WWII gas mask. Well done Ylana!

17.11.2020 Sara has made an outstanding evacuee's suitcase. There is so much detail inside. I really am impressed with the quality of her work. Well done Sara.

17.11.2020 Deniz has written some challenging Maths problems.

9.11.2020 I have been wowed by Milana's home learning on WWII. Milana researched and replicated many WWII medals. The way that she made them is fantastic. Well done Milana!

9.11.2020 Deniz has written a super poem about WWII. Good job Deniz!

9.11.2020 Juan has been busy finding out all of the jobs women did during WWII.

9.11.2020 Juan has been really creative and made an outstanding evacuee's suitcase. Well done Juan!

5.11.2020 Laura has made an excellent gas mask over half term. Well done!

13.10.2020 Sara has made the most outstanding gas mask. It is so well made. Fantastic work Sara!

12.10.2020 Deniz has written a good diary entry as an evacuee. It's almost as if he was there!

12.10.2020 Ashton has been growing his own vegetables. His spring onions are coming on a treat!

6.10.2020 Our Head Girl, Amy, has made a fabulous WWII gas mask.

6.10.2020 Jonathan did a very good interview with his grandfather about WWII.

29.9.2020 Aoife has drawn a very effective looking WWII plane. Well done Aoife!

29.9.2020 Oliwia has made an extraordinary gas mask. It can actually be screwed apart. How clever! Her fighter plane and written description is super too.

28.9.2020 Deniz has drawn a very good German fighter plane from WWII. Keep the fantastic home-learning coming in Deniz!

23.9.2020 Juan has made an amazing gas mask and drawn a very good fighter jet too. Well done Juan!

22.9.2020 Vihaan has been very busy making a WWII evacuee's suitcase out of cardboard and tinfoil. It even has a handle that works! Well done.

22.9.2020 Amy used up her rations to make these delicious looking rock buns. Well done Amy!

21.9.2020 Ahmet has sketched a very good fighter plane from WWII. Well done Ahmet!

21.9.2020 Jonathan has drawn a WWII fighter plane. Well done Jonathan!

21.9.2020 Ylana has drawn, and coloured, a very good fighter plane. Well done Ylana!

21.9.2020 Deniz has created a fantastic gas mask and suitcase. He's ready to be evacuated!

14.9.2020 Well done Vihaan for being the first child in Y6 to bring in a piece of home learning from our grid. A super gas mask.