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Home Learning

Autumn Term 2020 Home Learning Grid

3.3.20 Wow, I'm sure a hedgehog would be more than happy with a home like this! Well done Elsie.

2.3.20 What a fantastic Banana tree! Look at the bunch of bananas too.

Please find the Year 6 spelling list below. I have also added the National Curriculum Spelling, where you will find the rules as well.

7.2.20 What an amazing habitat Ilyas has made. Great detail!

5.2.2020 I was blown away with the amazing bongos Ilyas made. They work too! Well done indeed.

17.1.2020 Look at this fantastic Caribbean island that Rylee made. All the sand is actually rice. How creative!

22.11.19 Elsie showed us her photos of her maternal Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather who both helped Britain win WWII. Her Great Grandmother was a decoder in Bletchley while her Great Grandfather was a pilot in the RAF.

This is a very Star Wars type of gas mask made by Tom and Aamish. Excellent quality too!

Elsie's gas mask is so authentic. The stitching and quality of it is astounding. Great work!

The competition begins! More excellent home learning. What an amazing mask Molly has made with her grandmother.

Look at this fantastic gas mask that Ilyas made. Wow!

Autumn term 2019. Our topic this term is Lights Out! Below is the home learning grid for you and your child to have have fun learning together. Enjoy!