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Home Learning


This has been a slightly different week with fewer children in school, so there's not quite as much home learning to share. However, I'm sure that with a few days learning from home next week there may be many more exciting things to come...


This week has brought with it model mummies, canopic jars, hieroglyphs galore and an expert powerpoint presentation - keep it up Year 3!


I am delighted to say that the first week of term has brought some very enthusiastic children ready to get stuck in to their new home learning grids. A big well done to everyone who has made a start already, I can't wait to see what next week brings!


Our last bits of home learning from this term. Well done to everyone who brought things in, and in particular to Verity who earned over 50 house points this term by completing her home learning!!

I look forward to seeing what our Tomb Raiders can produce next term!


Even more brilliant home learning to share and the children are doing so well with their 'show and tell', gaining confidence speaking in front of the class. Only three weeks to go - what else can you make?


Some more of the fantastic home learning sent in since the half term break, including our biggest and most detailed model yet! Time is counting down though until the end of term - can you make time to complete some more before it's too late?


Another big well done to everyone who's brought in home learning so far this term - I have loved seeing how creative you can be with the different challenges. Half term is the perfect time to get on with some more, I'm excited to find out what the next half of term will bring!


I feel like the standard of home learning has been raised recently. We've had some simply amazing models as well as some impressive powerpoint presentations. Well done Year 3!


Our first month of school has brought some impressive home learning - well done to all those children! It's been lovely hearing them do show and tell in front of the class and sharing new and interesting facts about the Stone Age.


Even more brilliant home learning to share - we've had quizzes, pictures, 3D models, cooking and even fabric dying! Well done to all those bringing their work in and earning house points, I look forward to seeing more and building on our Stone Age learning.


Well done to all those children who bought in some fantastic pieces of home learning already this term. I look forward to seeing what else you can make!