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Classroom Activities

As you are aware we have a government set times tables test that all Year 4 children need to take in June this year. It is very similar to TTRS (which we do everyday in class) the only difference is there is a set time in which to answer the questions. It is done online like TTRS. I have attached a document below which gives more details. If you have any questions please email them to me.


Another busy week. We have started looking at angles and 2D shapes in Maths. We are now at Toad's grand escape from prison in our text in English and in Science we have been looking at food chains. 


This week we have continued with our text Wind in the Willows. The children acted out the part where Toad gets caught by the police for stealing a motorcar and then later on in the week they took sides and debated whether his sentence of 20 years was just. We had our first dance session with Jane Douglas, who also used the theme of Wind in the Willows.

Most of the children completed their statutory times tables test this week. We finished our topic on time in maths and moved onto interpreting graphs and we also learnt about the different stages of a river.



What a great day, we started with a dance off. Then we made sandwiches for our street party. In the afternoon we ate sandwiches and cake and listened to music and the choir. A fantastic week. 


We started the day with tasting our chocolate was delicious. Followed by a reading comprehension about the Queen's Jubilee. Then we baked a chocolate cake, most children had seconds! It was very tasty. Lastly we made crowns for our street party tomorrow. A busy day, but well done Year 4 for your amazing cooking skills.


Today we made chocolate mousse, we will be tasting it tomorrow. We also wrote about what we would do if we were King/Queen for a day. We learnt about the different children's programmes that were on during the 70's. We saw The Magic Roundabout and looked at how it had changed from then to now. We also watched the Clangers and Worzel Gummidge. The children really enjoyed these. More cooking tomorrow! 


Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the Jubilee festivities over half term. This week we are celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee by doing lots of different activities. Today we looked at some of the Queen's favourite foods. We made mint and cucumber sandwiches, as well as tea cookies. We also looked at the 70's and what the Queen did during this decade. Later in the day we took part in learning a dance to some 70's music. A fun day.

Tea cookies

70's dance to 'Night Fever'.


This week the children went on a hunt as part of their science for invertebrates. We found quite a few! We started a new topic on time in Maths and the children had fun using games to support their learning on this. If you can practice time on analogue clocks this week, it will benefit the children with their continued learning after half term on this topic. It would also be helpful to cover 24hr times too please. After half term we will be continuing our learning on rivers in topic and taking the Y4 multiplication check. The children did a practice run this week and seemed happy with how the tables test will be.

Have a wonderful half term break and enjoy any festivities. Please can the children continue to read and don't forget after half term Year 4 will be having a dance session every Tuesday. So please can they come to school in PE kits Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thank you.


This week Year 4 took part in 'Rolling numbers, Guinness World records'. We tuned into a live event on times tables, where we learnt a dance and song and joined in singing tables. The record attempt was to have as many schools/classes join the live event. I am pleased to say we jointly with over 5 thousand other classes set a new world record. Well done to Year 4 and Year 3 who took part.

We have been busy over the last week or so designing pictures to paint on plates to commemorate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. These plates will be coming home at the end of our Jubilee week after half term as a memento of this wonderful occasion.

In RE this week the children have been learning about what happens at a Bar Mitzvah and designing invitations for this special event.


This week the children finished their 3D rivers and we used water to demonstrate the flow of a river and find out whether they built sturdy banks. A great team effort by all.


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In music this week the children carried on from last week with composing a piece of music based on the theme 'water'. We listened to the sea, rain, storms and waterfalls and talked about the different volume and sound from each. They chose which type of water sound they wanted to create, then they experimented with different instruments to find the type of sound they wanted to create. Working as a team they shared ideas and put sounds together to create their water music.  


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In topic this week the children learnt about river banks, how they are formed and the different shapes they can be. The children were challenged with building their own river banks from natural materials. First they collected materials they wanted to use, then they taped bubble wrap onto wooden boards to form the base of the river. Next they started to stick the materials on to form the river banks. Next week they will finish them off and we will test with water as to whether their river banks hold fast and direct the flow of water.

In English we read chapter 2 from 'Wind in the Willows and pulled all the references from the text about Toad's new way of travelling, in a gypsy caravan. The children then used this description to draw what they felt the caravan looked like on the outside and inside. We will be reading a chapter a week. So far we are finding it really interesting and are excited to find out what is going to happen next.

In Science we learnt the words 'vertebrate' and 'invertebrate' and grouped animals into 5 groups, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish.


This week we started our new topic Go With The Flow. The children researched the longest river in the world, the longest river in the UK, what rivers were used for in the olden days and what rivers are used for today. We discussed any differences in these uses over time and why the uses may have changed. On Tuesday we had a Norden Farm workshop where we had to think of a fantastic idea for a spell. Then we had to consider carefully what ingredients our spells would need, where we need to be for the spell to work and a warning of what happens if you do not follow all the instructions. The children had some really great ideas and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

In English this week we started on a new text 'Wind in the Willows'. We read the first chapter and spent time thinking about what we could deduce about the characters from the the text and then though of ideas a s to what adventure these characters might go on. The children showcased their ideas through drama outside.


What a fabulous last week of term. The children performed so well in their Easter production. I was amazed by the costumes and how well they learnt and said their lines. A big well done to Year 4, I am very proud of them. We then had a concert where some of the children showcased their amazing musical talents, what a great job they did.

In class we finished off our topic in Maths on decimals, we did our last lesson on the workings of the human ear in Science and finished our topic work. The children have worked so hard this term and I hope they relax and recharge over the break.

Well done to all Year 4, a fantastic job.


This week we have mainly focused on practicing our production ready for next week. We are looking forward to sharing it with you. In Topic we finished our 3D ship pictures and they look fabulous. Wednesday afternoon we had a Dash charity workshop where the children learnt about conflict and resolution, they experienced what it was like to be treated as a friend or foe and planned characters, their arguments and a resolution to their problem. 


This week in English we have spent time doing drama in relation to our class text. The children tried hot seating as a character from the text and had to think of questions to ask them. In another piece of drama seen below the children had to act out the scene where the main character gets caught by Henry VIII's guard and accused of being a spy. 

We also did some more work on out boat pictures. We cut out the boats and stuck them to out sea pictures, we then added cotton wool to make it look more like waves. We added masts using wooden sticks and cut out 3D sails from paper. We just need to finish the waves off next week. I think you will agree they are beginning to take shape. We also finished our work on fractions in Maths. Next week we will be moving onto decimals. 

Have a great sunny weekend.


This week we have started designing 3D pictures of Tudor boats sailing on the sea as part of our learning about the Spanish Armada. We drew the boats and added sand to the base to create texture, we will carry on next week and show you the next step we complete. We also had the Spring Disco Tuesday, we had a really good turn out in Year 4, so thank you for all coming. Thursday we had bikeability. The children did so well and it was lovely to see them all cycling with confidence around the playground. We finished off the week with Science Day. Have a look below for all the wonderful things we have done.

For our Science Day activities we focused on experiments to do with static electricity and sound. We had great fun exploring what happened in each activity and learnt so much. A great day.

Our first experiment we used a small hex nut dropped inside a balloon. When spun around the hex nut inside spins too causing a sound as it vibrates inside.


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Here we charged our balloons and watched as it made our hair stand up and move. It gave us a tickling feeling as it was happening.

This experiment we charged the balloons and watched how they attracted paper.


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By charging the balloons we were able to spin paper balanced on a pencil.


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We charged our balloons and used them to move a can back and forth.


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Next we attached 2 balloons using string. We charged each one and then hung them together. We noticed that they repelled, moved away from each other.

Using springs with string attached the children were able to hear a kind of underwater sound by holding the string with their fingers and pressing their fingers into their ears. They then bobbed up and down to make the spring move. The vibrations travelled from the spring up the string into the ear.


By charging the balloons by rubbing them on our jumpers or hair we were able to bend the stream of water.


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We made small musical instruments using lolli sticks, straws and elastic bands. We varied the sound by moving the straws closer together or further apart.


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Our last activity was making a large musical instrument using a tube, straw, glove and a lot of puff.


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We finished off the week with our trip to Hampton Court Palace. Please see the Trips/Events star for photos.

Have a great weekend.


Today in the morning we had a skipping workshop from Dan the skipping man. It was great fun but also quite difficult trying to learn some of the different types of skips, especially the one where you cross your hands over. In the afternoon we had an online workshop with Nick Sharratt, an author and illustrator, where the children learnt many things including how to draw a giraffe.



Today we had Coral Rumble in to talk to us about poetry. We listened and learnt about some of the poems she had written and had a chance to try different methods of writing our own. It was great fun.


What a great week back. This week we looked at the Battle of Bosworth and divided the event into 6 parts. We then learnt about how to write comics and wrote captions alongside speech bubbles and then drew the pictures to go with the captions. During our World Book Day today we took photos of ourselves and then through an IT program turned ourselves into cartoon characters. We read a fun short story about a boy who had a remote control that could pause, forward and rewind real life. The children wrote their own story and split it into sections to create their own comic strip using their cartoon pictures, captions and speech bubbles. we had hot chocolate while listening to the story. Earlier in the week we had Mrs Sharma come and read us another short story and during Topic we acted out parts of the Spanish Armada battle.

We had lots of fantastic costumes today so well done Year 4.


This week the children have been consolidating their learning on electricity and making posters to show everything they have learnt this term. Next term we will be moving onto 'Sound' in Science. In English the children have been learning about poetry and writing their own Tudor poems and in Maths we have moved onto learning about fractions, we will continue this after half term too. 


The week after half term is Book week, with dress up day on the Friday. Please come dressed as a character from one of the 2 texts we have studied. 'Romans on the Rampage' or 'The Sleeper and the Spindle'. Here are some ideas for characters:

'Romans on the Ramgage': a roman, roman servant, roman emperor, gladiator (some of you might have your swords, shields and helmets still from the home learning), charioteer, Croakbag (a crow), a mad roman inventor.

'The Sleeper and the Spindle': a prince/queen, a magical dwarf, cave monster, old/young witch, milking maid or peasant towns folk.

Have fun creating your outfits, I can't wait to see them all. 

Please make sure you continue with reading, TTRS and home learning from the grid over half term, have a fantastic break.


This week we have been focusing on our reading skills in English. In Topic the children have been researching a famous person from the Tudor times on the internet, we will be continuing with this next week. In Science the children played a buzz game and were set the challenge of trying to make their own. Most groups managed this and I was impressed with how well they worked together and problem solved.


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This week was mental health week, so the children discussed how we can keep ourselves feeling healthy.


This week in Science the children had to remember how to make a complete circuit and then tested different materials to see whether they were insulators or conductors. The children really enjoyed this, and followed this up by completing a quiz where the children had to place the names of the materials they had tested into the headings. In English we have been learning more about the Tudors, Henry VIII's parents and his children. In Topic we compared Tudor village life to modern day village life. What would we see in Tudor times that we would not see today? We discussed Tudor crimes and punishments because in the picture was a man locked in this week a couple of children got to experience what being in stocks was like. We might have more photos of the stocks next week! 


Another busy week. We finished our class text and the children have been writing a sequel to the story. I have to say they have been very impressive to read. The children also finished their spider webs which they found difficult but kept on trying with. In Science we learnt what components make up an electrical circuit and every group made a bulb light, we even had several groups who managed to light 5 bulbs in one circuit. Next week we will be finding out which materials are insulators and which are conductors of electrical currents.


This week in Science we looked at a range of appliances, we grouped them into ones that used electricity and ones that didn't. We then grouped the electrical appliances into 2 groups, mains operated and battery operated. After this we identified potential dangers in the home when using electricity and why these were dangerous. In RE we looked at the Jewish Passover festival and discussed the items of food on the Seder plate and what they symbolised. We tasted Matzah, a cracker type bread, served with the Seder meal.

In our class text, part of the plot involves a magical spell, with the towns folk falling asleep and being covered in thick webs. So this week with the cold weather we photographed some spider webs around the school and then picked our favourite to draw onto card. Then used white wool to stitch around our outlines. Threading needles proved to be somewhat tricky, but we all enjoyed having a go. We will be continuing with these next week, so hopefully finished webs will be ready for photographing then.


This week we started learning about electricity. We discussed what we already knew, then we looked at renewable and non-renewable sources of electricity. We ended by finding out what a circuit is and what happens if we break the circuit. We also had a fantastic workshop called 'Fantastic Fred' where the children learnt about how to keep their minds and bodies healthy. In Topic we looked at the major events in the Tudor period and constructed a timeline. More multiplication in Math's. The children had their first cricket session this week which they really enjoyed. This will continue through till half term. 


Welcome back to a new year. This week we have settled back into learning so well. We have started our new topic 'Breaking Boundaries' and have been learning about the Tudor family tree. We have also started our new text, looking at different fairy tales. In RE we talked about our favourite food and what would happen if we were told we couldn't eat it anymore! We drew our favourite foods onto plates.

Finally a special mention to a member of our class who has achieved his 1 hour graded exam in marital arts. Well done and thank you for sharing this special achievement with us.


This week we have finished our Roman mosaics and they looked fantastic. We also tried some Italian food, bread sticks, mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, salami, parma ham, green and black olives. Don't worry the children who couldn't try things due to dietary or religious reasons didn't. The children didn't have to taste anything they didn't want to, but for those who were brave and did, experienced new tastes. 

We finished our pine cone tree decorations and material trees too. We also researched weird and fun facts about the Romans during Topic.

What a lot of learning we have packed into these first two terms. The children have worked so very hard.

Finally a special mention to one member of our class who recently passed his piano exam with distinction. Well done.

We wish you a relaxing and safe holiday.


This week in Y4 we have been looking at the difficult journey Mary, Joseph and Jesus made to Egypt to escape King Herod and how they might have felt during this journey. In Topic we started designing and making our own roman mosaic pictures, we will finish these next week. In Science we learnt all about the water cycle and in English we have been focusing on plural and singular nouns and the rules for changing the endings to these words.

We finished off the week with Snowflake day, we visited the snowflake fair and decorated pine cones and made fabric trees. We didn't finish them all so we will carry on next week.


In RE we have been learning about symbols in the Christian religion and what they mean, we then looked at Christingles and what they represent. The children designed their own on paper to symbolize what is important to them in their life. Also this week the class learnt about aqueducts in Roman times, why they were built and how they worked. Then in groups they made one themselves out of paper. The children did really well. We have also been learning our Christmas songs for carols around the tree at the end of term. 

In English we have been learning a poem 'I am a Roman solider' and performing actions to go with the words, alongside analysing the poem itself.


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Following on from last week, we looked at our eggs and discovered that orange juice was the liquid that was most damaging to the shell of the egg, so it would cause the most damage to our tooth enamel. 


This week the children have continued with their understanding of teeth. We have been looking at tooth decay. We used boiled eggs in their shells and submerged them in different liquids. The liquids we used was water, coke, apple juice, orange juice and milk. We will be observing them everyday over the course of a week to see what happens to the shell of the egg and whether we can see which liquids might cause decay.

In Topic this week we learned about Roman bath houses. All children took part in some role play, experiencing each room as a Roman and as a servant. We had great fun.

The first room was the Palaestra, an outside room where the men would run and wrestle and the women would play ball games to work up a sweat ready for the next room. Servants would play music and sing.

The second room was the Tepidarium, a warm room where Romans would have massages by the servants who would pour oil over the skin and scrap the dirt and oil off using a tool called a strigil.

The third room was the Caldarium, a steam room, the hottest room where Romans had to wear sandals so they did not burn their feet. The servants would pour cold water on them to refresh them. The steam room was used to open their pores.

The last room was the Frigidarium, a freezing cold bath where Romans could plunge themselves into the water to feel refreshed and be served food and drink by the servants.

In RE today we looked at some poems about the Christmas story and the children then worked in groups to make up a melody to sing the words of the poem to. A challenge was set for groups if they chose to, to include 2 part harmonies. The groups did really well.


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A busy week this week. The children have finished the unit on length and measurement and have now started on multiplication and division. In English we have been looking at the structure and features of newspaper reports. The children had fun drafting one for the important event of Hadrian's Wall being completed in the Roman times. In Topic we learnt all about why and how the wall was built and lots of facts about it including modern day pictures. We also discussed the recent news about a Roman find in Buckinghamshire of 3 busts, one woman, one man and a child alongside a hexagonal glass container. In Science we've moved onto teeth, identifying the different types of teeth and what they are used for and teeth in other animals, comparing similarities and differences. In music this week I introduced them to an Italian composer Rossini, who wrote a 'cat duet', two people literally singing to each other using the sounds cats make 'meows'. We then looked at another unusual symphony that had an extra instrument being used....a typewriter! The children had great fun trying to create their own music using animal sounds of their choice which had to be sung, to either a piece of music they knew or their own made up music. They also had to try and tell a story through actions and facial expressions while singing. A couple of videos are shown below. 

Great week Year 4.


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This week we have continued our work on Instructions. The children had to follow steps to build their own Roman road in Topic, using custard, biscuits and sweets. Then they evaluated the instructions to decide if they were clear enough and easy to follow. Then later on in the week they watched a silent video where they learnt how to make a catapult. The children made their own and then wrote instructions on how to do it. In Science we learnt more about the functions of the different parts of the digestive system and the children had fun writing instructions as a piece of food travelling through the digestive system. In RE we started learning about the long journey Mary and Joseph travelled from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and why they did that journey. In Math's we have started learning how to convert measurements, such as m into cm, cm into mm and km into m. We also talked about the importance of Remembrance Day.


What a great week back after half term. We have just finished our Maths unit on addition and subtraction and will be moving onto length and perimeter next week. In English we looked at how we write instructions and how to use imperative verbs 'bossy verbs'. The children wrote instructions on how to become a gladiator and then tried acting this out. In Science we have been learning how the human digestive system works, what the main parts are called in our digestive system and what they all do. In topic we discussed who in the Roman army and when they invaded different parts of the world.


What an amazing but busy day today. Year 4 had their sharing assembly this morning and they were amazing. Well done Year 4 we hope you enjoyed watching us as much as we enjoyed performing.

After that we exploded our volcanoes in the afternoon, it was great fun and they all enjoyed the experience. Some amazing volcanoes Year 4, again well done you should all be proud of yourselves.


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Finishing the day off with the Halloween disco, some very creative costumes were seen and it was a fabulous turn out.


This week we have been assessing what the children have learnt and they have completed these really well. We have also been spending time on making sure our class assembly is ready for you next Tuesday. We are all very excited to share our learning with you. In Topic this week we looked at volcanoes again and found out more information about how they are made, what happens when they explode, what it is like living near a volcano, what we would put in a survival kit and we made our own 3D volcanoes with labelled parts.

Another budding scientist this week, who not only bought in special ingredients for exploding but made the volcano too. Well done.


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Another packed week. We have finished our topic on place value in Maths and have started on subtraction and addition. In English we finished our fact files on Italy which are now displayed in class on our Big Write wall. We started reading our class text 'Romans on the Rampage' by Jeremy Strong. The children are finding it very comical and are excited to learn more about whether Perilus (the main character) manages to become a chariot racer or not. In Topic we watched some videos on volcanoes erupting and we learnt how a volcano is formed. As part of Black History month Year 4 have been looking at Rosa Parks who decided one day not to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. Because of her actions 44,000 people took part in a bus boycott which lasted for over a year. This then led to a law being changed that meant that white and black people no longer had to be segregated on buses. The children found it very eye opening to learn how different things were in the past and it raised many interesting questions. We drew buses and wrote in them how Rosa Parks felt throughout her life and during these key events.

Also this week we had 2 budding scientists in our class who bought in their own volcanoes and the necessary ingredients to make them erupt. Well done to those children, they were very professional in their demonstrations. yes

New video.mp4

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It has been an amazing week of learning this week. The children are really working hard and thinking more about what they are working on. We also had a cricket tournament Thursday afternoon where a group of Year 4 children took part in activities against other schools. They all came back having enjoyed the experience, despite the cold and as a school we were very impressed with how they conducted themselves. Well done those children. Today your child will have come home with an invite to our class assembly which we have been busy working on. Please make sure you send the replies in next week to secure your seat. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


In Science this week we looked at what happens when we change a solid into a liquid. We timed how long this took and explored ideas as to how we might speed up the process. We also carried out an experiment that showed a liquid, turning into a gas and back into a liquid.

The children finished off their 3D maps of Italy and the UK this week. They added labels showing where the mountain ranges are and volcanoes.


What another fantastic week, we have been making 3D models of Italy and the UK showing the mountain ranges and volcanoes as part of our Topic work. In Science we have been learning about the melting point for chocolate and what happens to a solid, when it changes into a liquid. English we have been learning about the features of non fiction texts in preparation for writing our own fact files next week on Italy. Maths we have continued with number lines to 10,000, adding 1, 10 and 100. In PE the children had fun warming up before learning about Rugby.


What a week we have had, so busy with our learning. In Maths we have been rounding numbers to 10 and 100. English we have been learning about the different types of nouns, writing time travelling adventures and practicing using full stops and capital letters. In Topic we learnt about what human and physical features are and how they are different. We located both features on a map of the UK. In Science, following on from last week, we looked at how fizzy drinks are made using carbon dioxide. We weighed cups of lemonade with fizz and then without fizz to find out that gas has a weight. We also watched raisins dance and discussed why this happens. In music the children were introduced to an Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, we listened to his music and discussed how he became blind, how he can read music and what it might be like to live without sight. We then compared him to an American singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder and discussed his blindness and how he learnt how to play instruments such as the piano. So much learning and so many interesting questions raised by the children. Well done Year 4.


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We have started our Science topic on 'States of Matter' this week. We have been learning about liquids, solids and gases, their properties and particle arrangements. We identified a number of items and put them into the 3 categories and then went outside to experiment with liquid and gas. It was great fun.


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This week we have started our first Math topic on place value, revising our numbers up to 1000 and learning how to partition numbers.