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Classroom Activities


What another fantastic week, we have been making 3D models of Italy and the UK showing the mountain ranges and volcanoes as part of our Topic work. In Science we have been learning about the melting point for chocolate and what happens to a solid, when it changes into a liquid. English we have been learning about the features of non fiction texts in preparation for writing our own fact files next week on Italy. Maths we have continued with number lines to 10,000, adding 1, 10 and 100. In PE the children had fun warming up before learning about Rugby.


What a week we have had, so busy with our learning. In Maths we have been rounding numbers to 10 and 100. English we have been learning about the different types of nouns, writing time travelling adventures and practicing using full stops and capital letters. In Topic we learnt about what human and physical features are and how they are different. We located both features on a map of the UK. In Science, following on from last week, we looked at how fizzy drinks are made using carbon dioxide. We weighed cups of lemonade with fizz and then without fizz to find out that gas has a weight. We also watched raisins dance and discussed why this happens. In music the children were introduced to an Italian singer Andrea Bocelli, we listened to his music and discussed how he became blind, how he can read music and what it might be like to live without sight. We then compared him to an American singer/songwriter Stevie Wonder and discussed his blindness and how he learnt how to play instruments such as the piano. So much learning and so many interesting questions raised by the children. Well done Year 4.


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We have started our Science topic on 'States of Matter' this week. We have been learning about liquids, solids and gases, their properties and particle arrangements. We identified a number of items and put them into the 3 categories and then went outside to experiment with liquid and gas. It was great fun.


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This week we have started our first Math topic on place value, revising our numbers up to 1000 and learning how to partition numbers.