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Classroom Activities

Week 5 - I'm not quite sure how we got here, but it's half term already! The children have worked incredibly hard this week, despite being tired. We have looked at halves and quarters in Maths, along with adding numbers up to 50 and revisiting how to write numbers to 50 in digits and numbers. In English the children focused on non-fiction writing, and wrote a non-chronological report about dolphins. They are producing some fantastic written work for Year 1 children. I am so so proud of them. In Science we looked at extinct animals and the children created a fact file on their chosen animal - the most popular being Woolly Mammoths , West African Black Rhinoceros, Dodo's and Saber-toothed tigers. The children enjoyed painting the Union Jack this week in Art. We made Platinum Jubilee cards for the Queen. We spent some time reading in the school garden and playing some games. The Phonics Screening will be soon upon us so we have done lots of practicing. I have sent some revision booklets home for the children to look at if they have time. Five minutes a day will benefit them. Have a wonderful half term, and as always thank you so much for your continued support.

Week 4 - This week we learnt about the Commonwealth Games - the countries and sports involved. We continued learning about animals and in English created fact files about elephants, zebras and sloths. In Maths we looked at making halves and quarters, getting ready to learn about fractions next week. We also created some fabulous artwork, painting our favourite animals from a book. It's also been a busy week with Phonics, practicing our real and pseudo words. I am so proud of how all the children have progressed. Each and every one of them are doing so well.

Week 3 The children continued exploring arrays in Maths. We focused on prediction in English with the children producing some fantastic writing. We also looked at plastic in the ocean and what we can do to help the planet. The children came up with some fabulous ideas. Finally, we attended the Commonwealth Games Legacy at Altwood School which allowed the children to take part in a variety of sports activities. They were incredibly behaved and had a great time - despite the rain.

Week 2 In English the children produced some fantastic letter writing to the Zoo. In Science we looked at grouping animals. We looked at mammals, reptiles and amphibians. We also made the most of the sunshine and got some extra play outside.

Earth Day - To celebrate Earth day, the children came up with some wonderful ideas of how we could look after our planet. We talked about recycling , turning the lights off, picking up rubbish , planting trees and walking instead of driving.

Maths Week 1 This week the children have been recapping on counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also looked at odd and even numbers and done some investigation work. We have also looked at equal groups and will continue learning about groups next week when we look at arrays.

Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses - did you know this famous nursery rhyme arose from the Great Plague that affected London in 1665? The Great Fire of London put an end to the Great Plague as it killed off the rats and fleas that carried the disease.

Drama - The children had fun re-enacting scenes from The Great Fire of London today. A few Oscar nominees in the making!

Fun in the sun - we made the most of the sunshine playing Duck Duck Goose.

Maths - enjoying a capacity lesson in the sunshine.

Science Day 18.3.22

Continuing our theme learning about the UK, the children drew some of their favourite London landmarks.

Instructions - This week the children have been learning about imperative verbs and instructions. They put their learning into practice this morning by planning the order in which to make a jam sandwich. As you can see - some very impressive sandwich making skills.

Autumn Term 2 Week 1

It has been a busy first week back and we have been celebrating all things autumn- from the history of Bonfire Night, to an autumn walk and playing in the leaves. 

In English, we have started looking at the story of Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak and Maths it's been studying the bonds of 10 in it's various forms. 


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Black History Month- Mary Seacole

Week 5

It's been a busy week. From starting to learn about Mary Seacole in Black History Month, looking at autumn and being introduced to whole-part models. 

THANK YOU so much for the amazing donations for Harvest Festival- we had a huge collection. Results on Monday!



Week 4

 In Maths, we have been looking at more than, less than and their symbols. Science has been investigating other seed heads and describing them using our senses.  

Week 3

It's been a busy week continuing our learning about Rosie's Walk. The children have enjoyed retelling the story and creating their own maps for the farmyard. 

In science, we have been using our senses to investigate cereal seed heads. 

Autumn A Week 2

What a week this has been. The children have been super stars in their adjustment to the changes we have bought in. There has been some fantastic learning in our outdoor provision (it's in the newsletter under Reception!- corrections will be made next week) and they've thoroughly enjoyed their learning of Rosie's Walk. 

Autumn Term Week 1

Our first full week has been very busy with a variety of fun and exciting learning happening. The children have settled in very well and we are immensely proud of them.