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Larchfield Primary and Nursery School

Our children are central to all that we do.

Class Photos

I caught these two being very creative with the building blocks!

Counting fun with the number board!

We then continued to make shapes outside using sticks and play-dough.

Making shapes with play-dough!

What a great artist she is! so creative!

Fine motor skills, the children had the challenge of rescuing the animals using tweezers!

Working with numbers!

Exploring the sensory box! I had some great vocabulary from the children today!

Great Pencil control today! Great focus! I was so proud of him!

All the children loved the water play today, they did a good job of washing all the animals!

Physical Development activities! Lots of concentration going on today!

Investigating shapes!

Fun with marbles, the children were so clever and built a wall so that the marbles would not roll off too far into the garden!!

Investigating letters and numbers!

Cardboard boxes were a firm favourite today!

Outside water play with the bugs!

Mark-making outside was a lot of fun today!

We had a go at making a sensory bottle, it was fascinating to see what happens when you mix water, oil, food colouring and glitter together!

Snack outside on a beautiful day!

Having fun with using our fine motor skills.

We have been practicing our letter formations.

Learning to recognise our numbers.

Using our gross motor skills on the obstacle course.

Building fun with boxes!! Busy little bees today!!

Our Reading Castle! We Love looking at books!

Lots of fun outside today!

A visit from Elf Jones this morning!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Nursery!

Christmas fun with cooking Christmas dinner, creating Christmas pictures and decorating our class tree!

Searching for Santa!

Busy bees at work outside!

Great fine motor skills!

The children really enjoyed matching all the shapes in this activity!

The children made a great obstacle course! All by themselves too!

We helped make a birthday wish come true, a birthday party with friends!

They also had a go at writing their numbers and heard some great counting going on!

The children had a go at making their own dough today, they really enjoyed watching the transformation when water was added to the flour.

Messy Mark-making!

we have been talking about what things feel like, the children have used some great vocabulary!

The children have a go at matching letters! Excellent work!

We have been working hard on our fine motor skills today!

I have heard some fantastic counting from the children this week! Well done!

I think the children have used everything in the class to build this amazing construction today!

We have had a great few days of using our physical development skills, rolling, balancing and jumping!

Amazing construction today and great team work!

We have been trying to write our numbers then had fun drawing pictures!

Finding letters that are in our names.

The children have enjoyed looking and books today and telling each other stories.

We have been learning to count and recognise our numbers!

Great Mark-making skills going on!

Last week the children showed how well they could work as a team!

More messy fun today! Painting and mixing colours!

Today the children have been exploring porridge oats, they have been scooping and pouring! it was a very popular activity!

Fun with reading and mark-making.

We have been learning to count and name our shapes!

All the children love being outside for their learning.

The children have really started to settle in their new environment and enjoying all the activities!