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Class Photos

World book day dress up. All the children had fun in their costumes and enjoyed discussing what they were wearing!

Putting the alphabet in order.

Showing off our painting skills!

It has been lovely to see the children showing an interest in books.

What great counting and number recognition the children have been showing!

Greek dancing, the children had so much fun with the dancing this week.

As part of international week we have been teaching the children all about Greece and made their own Greek flags..

The children have been enjoying our Mini beast topic so far.

All the children have been interacting beautifully and we have heard some great conversations going on.

The children have had some great interactions with each other today and been busy bees putting their imaginations into action!

Today we were donated two very large boxes by Reception class, the children had great fun with them for most of the morning, they played so nicely, helped each other and came out with some great language.

We have been out on the main field today practising our batting skills.

Our Mini Music Band!

We have been learning about Pirates this term, here are some of the activities we have had fun with. e.g. how boats float, pirate small world play, looking at the world globe to see where pirates travelled and look at what possible islands they stopped at, we loved the globe and even found our country where we live!

'Fun day Friday.' No tables and chairs for the whole session, just mats and a variety of play opportunities to choose from. Observing the children on how they interacted with one another was amazing, new friendships formed, great conversations took place and we had a lot of smiley faces!

Using our gross motor skills outside! We discovered a lot about ourselves and what we can do!

The children have taken some interesting pictures when practising to use the camera this week!

Dress up for 'World Book Day' was a lot of fun, the children enjoyed interacting with each other as their characters! It was lovely to watch them using their imaginations during their play.

During book week the children have been looking at books of traditional fairy-tales, they have also been looking at a range of new books that were kindly donated by a parent.

We have been learning more about 'Under the sea' in new activities this week. The children have been learning lots of new words and using them in their investigations.

It is the start of our new topic 'Under the sea', the children have already started investigating all of the sea creatures in the Aquarian role-play area.

We have had the drama workshop in again and the children absolutely loved being superheroes!

The children have been getting creative with building ramps for their cars.

What lovely weather we had this week, the children have had great learning opportunities in all areas of their learning, they were so focused and investigated everything!

My little teachers have been helping me teach letters and numbers!

Dinosaur Land!

More Number and Letter matching!

All the children had fun with the physical development activities, working on their fine and gross motor skills!

This was the children's favourite week of 'People who help us', they loved the police role-play area and have been investigating all week!

More challenges with number recognition and shapes!

Letter matching and mark making, so proud of all the children, they really enjoyed the challenges!

The children had a great time playing with the literacy ball pit!

Last week we were learning about fire fighters and how they can help us, the children loved the fire station role-play.

The children have enjoyed learning all about teeth and what the Dentist can do for us!

Fun with numbers!

Very impressed with our children today! very focused!

Busy Boxes are ready for the children to explore next week.

Maths fun!

Literacy fun!

We have had some great constructions from the children this week!

Christmas sing-a-long to parents/carers

Surprise visit from Father Christmas!

Learning our Christmas songs with Trevor and the ukulele.

Mark Making in tea leaves. All the children enjoyed investigating the tea bags and tea leaves.

The Nursery children loved taking part in the Drama workshop!