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Class Activities

08.07.21 - Reception loved their first Larchfield Games Day! They all worked so well in a team and had great fun completing all of the different activities.

06.07.21 - After our visit from the Travelling Natural History Museum yesterday, we had another day full of dinosaur learning! We made dinosaur fossil craft using pasta, we played 'guess the dino' where we had to describe dinosaurs and we also baked some delicious dinosaur biscuits :)

05.07.21 - We had such a treat this morning with the Travelling Natural History Museum visiting and giving us a roarsome workshop!! We even got the chance to touch and hold real dinosaur fossils and become paleontologists again in the sand dig.

25.06.21 - To finish off our international week we had a gelato party!

24.06.21 - Today we have been making our own veggie pizzas! I was so impressed with how many children chose so many different pizza toppings, such as spinach and rocket!We had a pizza party in the afternoon, where we tasted our delicious pizzas and had some squash.

23.06.21 - We had a visit from Rosie (the teddy!) this morning. We found her in the class with a suitcase and a letter. She wanted us to help her find her way back to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We used our senses to describe what it is like at the Amalfi Coast and had great fun doing so. Some of the children were not keen on the smell of fresh seaweed as you can see in some of the photos!

22.06.21 - We have been busy again today. This morning we have learnt a little more of the Italian language and also had a fantastic dance workshop where we learnt an Italian folk dance. This afternoon we have been building our own Leaning Tower's of Pisa and decorating fish using pasta in the colours of the Italian flag.

21.06.21 - What a wonderful start to our International week. We have chosen to look at Italy. Today we have learnt a little bit about Italy, found it on a globe and had fun in our Italian Restaurant. This afternoon we looked at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo and made our own pictures using fruit! They look fantastic.

09.06.21 - Thank you to Amanda from Norden Farm for working with us this morning. We worked together to create 'Our Town Map'. You can see from the photos that the children loved it and worked so well as a team.

19.05.21 - Our very special class Teddy had to go to the Teddy Hospital. We have been writing letters and making get well soon cards for him. Today, the children were so excited to see Teddy has returned back to our class. They have decided Teddy's favourite thing to do is listen to stories, so they have been choosing to do that! :)

11.05.21 - We have been learning about habitats this week and comparing a dinosaur habitat to our own. Can you ask your child what the differences are?

07.05.21 - We have had a brilliant week in Reception this week, we have been so busy. We have continued our topic of Dinosaurs and even made our own volcano!

22.04.21 - We have had a brilliant Earth Day today. After having a discussion about looking after our earth we switched off all of the lights and headed outside. Please see the lovely photos of what we got up to!

20.04.21 - What an exciting start to our new term, we have been busy beginning our learning about dinosaurs. The children have been busy paleontologists and have quickly learnt that excavating fossils is a slow and careful process!

31.03.21 - What a 'cracking' science day! Reception have been busy trying to free the chicks from the ice and experimenting using salt to help. They also had to keep their chocolate egg safe from a drop down a cardboard tube. All of the children kept their egg safe and enjoyed the treat for doing so!

25.03.21 - We have been busy learning outside this week and making the most of the warmer weather :)

11.03.2021 - Our first few days back in school have been brilliant. I have loved seeing the children and they have enjoyed being back together. We have got up to so much this week and I have been amazed by how well the children have adapted to being back at school. We haven't taught any new phonics sounds yet, we are busy recapping what we have learnt so far. Thank you again for all of your support :)

1.12.20 - WOW! The children have done incredibly well performing their nativity today. Thank you for sending in such fabulous costumes and for helping them to remember their lines. We are so proud of them :)

27.11.20 - We have been learning about birthdays. Last week we looked at our own birthday traditions and this week we had looked at birthday traditions around the world. We even had a birthday party to celebrate!

10.11.20 - The children have been looking at books in the 'Reading Den' this week. I am so impressed with their memory of books! I could hear them retelling each other the stories after only hearing some of them once. There have been lots of magic reading moments this week.

13.10.20 - We are learning about different types of transport this week. We have created a train station in our outdoor area which the children are really enjoying. We have had trains to 'The Beach', 'Lego Land', 'Blackpool' and 'London' so far today!

6.10.20 - Working on writing our number of the week this week - 5!

29.9.20 - We are learning about keeping our teeth healthy this week! We have been making 'teeth' out of peppermint play dough, painting with toothbrushes, learning what keeps our teeth healthy and writing our name on a note to the tooth fairy. On Wednesday (30.9.30) the children will receive their own toothbrush and toothpaste and practice using them in school before taking them home.

18.9.20 - Another busy week in Reception. We have been busy practicing writing our name, learning the names of our body parts and experimenting with mixing colours. The children were so excited to receive a reading book today, please note this will be changed on a Friday.

11.9.20 - The children have settled in well and have had a great first full week in Reception!