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Larchfield Primary and Nursery School

Our children are central to all that we do.

Class Activities

Picture 1
Picture 2 So proud of her work
Picture 3 Taking bokingsfor the flight
Picture 4 Selling tickets for a holiday
Picture 5
Picture 6 An elf in October!
Picture 7 Who can build the tallest tower?
Picture 8 Wow!
Picture 9 A fantastic fun park
Picture 10 Conting to 27
Picture 11 Dressing up and playing trains!
Picture 12 Flour fun!
Picture 13 Look at that village!
Picture 14 Using Tech
Picture 15 Parents into school day
Picture 16 Stay and learn
Picture 17 What a fantastic hat!
Picture 18 Everybody gets to dress up!
Picture 19 Planting bulbs for Spring
Picture 20
Picture 21 Partner work
Picture 22 We found a frog in the garden & went to the pond!
Picture 23 The mud kitchen is great for cooking pies!