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Class Activities


A visit from Maidenhead Fire and Rescue certainly livened up a rainy morning. We had a talk about fire safety and what to do in an emergency as well as finding out that the jobs is more than just fighting fires; they also rescue animals, people at heights, do water rescue and deal with road traffic incidents. We were then shown around a fire engine and were even allowed to climb up!


Keeping the messy bits outside and taking advantage of the beautiful sunny weather, we have been using different types of beans to create pictures of owls. Watch this space to see the finished results.


Proving that when the science is on your side, strength doesn't matter as much. A practical demonstration in the use of levers when trying to open a door.


After finding out about an attempted robbery at Gringotts, we set about interviewing different characters about what could have happened.


Using the descriptions in the next chapter of Harry Potter to create our own maps of Diagon Alley with as many details as possible.


Today we put into practise skills we had learnt in previous topics to create pictures of a chosen biome. We had the option of using different medias, depending on the result we wanted to achieve. Look out for the display board of our finished work.


After some hard work folding and following instructions, we had made three different paper plane designs. We then took them outside and measured how far they flew to test our theories as to what makes a good paper plane.


After spending some time doing research, we had a go at being interviewed by the rest of the class. We pretended to be someone who lives in a different biome and answered questions about what it was like there.


Taking advantage of our learning garden and the sunshine while we read a chapter of Harry Potter together as a class.


An afternoon of food and dancing to finish off our work on ancient Greece. We tried a few different Greek foods and had a go at some traditional Greek dancing. Some of the food went down better than others but everyone tried something new.


Another slightly messy Science lesson, using playdough to investigate water resistance. Which shape can move through the water the fastest?



Finally the gym lesson all of Year 5 had been waiting for! After being cancelled because of the storms, then the hall was busy... today we managed to get the bars and ropes our for P.E.


I am so proud of how Year 5 handled themselves during a quite tricky workshop on healthy relationships. They dealt with some serious topics with such maturity.


The daily mile track was a hit but no where near as much fun as the trim trail! We all had a sneaky go (or two) this afternoon.


We were really focusing on how our bodies can show emotions for today's English lesson. While most of us acted out scenes from our book, a few were photographers trying to capture those expressions.


We had a wonderful time enjoying the sunshine at break today. Some desperate to finish their books, others practising their skipping skills.


Mrs Cole showed us a magic trick with changing pictures. You only need a glass and some water.


This one didn't work out as well as it could have. We tried to make colour changing playdough. The playdough part worked but we don't think we used enough of the thermo-chromatic pigment to get the colour changing bit. Still good messy fun though!



We attempted to poke a skewer through an inflated balloon without it popping!  Some worked better than others but everyone had fun.



You are lucky that smell doesn't carry through pictures for this one. We used red cabbage water as an indicator to see what solutions Miss Coates had made. Not everyone liked the smell of boiled cabbage and vinegar but everyone liked the colours we could make.


Miss Coates had be practising her quick hands for this one! Combining baking powder and vinegar in an old film pot to make a rocket.


Still image for this video


Today we were lucky enough to be joined via Zoom by a wonderfully knowledgeable lady from Eton College. She showed us a few of the different Ancient Greek artifacts they have and set us a few challenges along the way.


Our Science lesson today was looking at how different surfaces create different amounts of friction. Look out for next week when we turn our results into a graph to analyse them.


Another fraction based Maths game for us today. Happy families but with subtracting fractions. 


Tuesday saw a workshop with Ben from Dan the Skipping Man teaching us all (including Miss Coates) a couple of tricks and having a go at double Dutch skipping. We were all given our very own skipping ropes brought by the school to take home!


An exciting visit from none other than poet Coral Rumble kicked off our week this time. She even taught us about a different kind of poem which we had a go at writing ourselves.


The first week of World Book Fortnight was a very busy one with a visit from the fabulous Jenny Pearson, book reader hunt, dressing up and making book character spoon puppets!


Combining Topic and I.C.T, we took a virtual holiday to Greece and explored the Ancient Greek landmarks that are still (mostly) standing.


We combined adding mixed numbers with a game or two of four-in-a-row for some added practise.


English today was all about getting into the minds of the characters from Troy. Each group picked what they thought were the two most important moments from the story, created freeze frames to show it and came up with a single thought for their character in that moment.


The disbelief and wonderful ideas as to how the trick works was a wonder to behold. Everyone managed it and could work out the minimum and maximum it would work with. Magic's just science we don't understand yet. 


We took full advantage of our brand new headphones this afternoon and learnt how to code an adventure game complete with sound effects.


After working so hard to write them last week, we published our Fact Files on Medusa this week. There were a lot of formatting options to remember but don't they look fabulous?!


We investigated whether different materials would dissolve today. We measured the water carefully to make sure it was a fair test. 


We benefited from the wonderful expertise of Miss Maria while learning some Greek this afternoon.


English today was spent catching up on the latest news and sharing our thoughts on today's newspaper.


I.C.T was so much fun this afternoon. We tried out a few features on our new board and laptops that Miss Coates learnt about on Wednesday.


Great fun was had by all in Maths today. We investigated the link between area and perimeter.


In our Art lesson this afternoon, we looked at blending colours to create a wintery sky scene.


We were looking for the best electrical conductors this afternoon. Trying different materials in our circuits, we looked to see how bright the bulb was. 


It was a day filled with Drama as this afternoon we acted out short scenes of our own design to explain how love fits into Christmas for Christians.  


Taking to the playground to get inside the minds of the characters we are looking at in English. We used thought tapping to understand what they might be thinking.


Learning our third chord today!


We conducted an experiment this afternoon to see which material made the best insulator for Miss Coates' lunch. Ask Year 5 what she wanted to eat!

After many weeks of working on them, our Peter Thorpe inspired rocket picture are finally complete! 


We were fascinated to see the maps people used to carry around before Google maps. We used them to look for any places that were named by the Vikings. 


Starting our new Science topic with a hunt around school for materials with different properties. 


After working hard in English all week, we were finally able to share the stories we had written with our buddies. Everyone in Year 5 made a book with a specially written story just for their Reception buddy. 


As we wouldn't be in school for PE with Mr Hunt on Friday, Miss Coates taught us her favourite game - Bench Ball!


Our fingers were sore after mastering the incredibly tricky G major cord on our Ukuleles this week.


Almost to the last stage of our Peter Thorpe rocket pictures. This time we were creating a 3D rocket using papier-mâché. It was messy work!


It was the moment we had been waiting for. We finally got to meet our new Reception buddies! After much anticipation, we visited Reception and were paired up with who we are going to be a great role model for this year. We had a chance to play and chat before trying to desperately keep up with them on the daily mile.


Topic met Computing this afternoon as we used the Chromebooks to research all about the life of King Alfred the Great and why the people thought he was great!


In groups, we looked at examples of persuasive writing and picked out how the writer tried to persuade us. We will then use these skills later in the week.


After experimenting with different ways to add texture to paintings, we were ready to start painting our backgrounds. We are going to spend the next few weeks building up our pictures based on the work of Peter Thorpe. Check back at half term to see the finished results.


Our Ukulele teacher couldn't make it this week so we practised holding our ukuleles and came up with our own rhythms.


We looked at how the planets all move (and got rather dizzy) then we made predictions about how big the planets are in relation to each other. We then followed instructions carefully to make them out of playdough!



Our first lesson playing the Ukulele! We learnt the strings and started playing in time.


Even the mist won't stop year 5 doing our daily mile!


Showing our competitive side when practising our times tables and decimal number bonds.


Year 5 really got stuck in to reading the first chapter of our book Kenskue's Kingdom. When will we find out what happened to Michael?


Year 5 worked really hard to retell the story of Guru Nanak in our first lesson on Sikhism.


We had great fun in the sunshine working on our listening and concentration skills with a game of Zip Zap Bong!