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Class Activities


This week in Topic we were making mini 3D geographical maps of the UK and Italy, marking the mountain ranges using paper mache. Next week we will be painting them and labelling them, so more pictures to follow. 

This week in Science we wanted to find out what temperature is chocolate's melting point. So we tested small cubes of chocolate in room temperature water, warm and hot water. We timed each experiment and recorded the results. We even got to eat some too, since most children's tongues were hanging out by the end of the lesson! laugh


This week the children have been working so hard. In Topic we learnt the difference between physical and human features and identified on a UK map where these features could be found. In R.E we learnt about Judaism, the story of Abraham. In Math's we added and subtracted 1000 to 3 and 4 digit numbers. In English Year 4 wrote some fantastic opening paragraphs and ending paragraphs. They were really interesting with great use of language. In Science as you can see below we investigated the gas used in carbonated drinks. We weighed our drinks and then swirled them until all the bubbles had gone and measured again to discover any differences. We learnt that gases have a mass. We also experimented with what happens when you drop raisins into fizzy drinks. Ask your children to explain what they found out. We finished off watching a clip about how fizzy drinks are made. A great week for Year 4 laugh



Well what a great start to the term. Year 4 have worked so hard this week and I know they are all tired. We have been rounding numbers to 10 and 100 in Math's. Learning about the different types of nouns in English. In Topic we found out what Italy is like, where it is on a map and the cities, rivers and mountain ranges. In Science we learnt about solids, liquids and gases. We grouped many everyday food/drink items into those 3 categories and discussed how some can change from one state to another. We looked at how the particles move in each state. Next week we will be focusing on and investigating gases more. We have a new PE teacher this year and he was very complimentary about Year 4 and how well they did in their lesson. 

Below you will see some of the Science we worked on and some fun Drama activities Year 4 took part in this week. Well done to all of you smiley