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10.6.21 Here we did more work on food chains and represented them in a pyramid.

8.6.21 Today we looked at food chains, producers, consumers, predators, prey and scavengers. The children created their own food chains.

8.6.21 Today we listened to the chapter in Wind In The Willows where Toad steals a motorcar and ends up with a prison sentence. In the story we are not told how he is caught just that he received 15 years for his cheek towards the officers. So the children had to role play this missing part. Here are some of their scenes.


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Well the children have made it to half term and what a lot of hard work they have put into their learning these past 6 weeks. I am very proud of them all. Could I please ask that if possible they complete a couple of activities off the Home Learning grid next week. We have a lot of children who are bringing in work to share but we also have a lot who haven't completed any so far.

We have just finished looking at reading the time in Math's, it would be helpful if you could practice this at home especially reading from an analogue clock, not digital. Thank you for all your support. Have a fantastic break.

The children have been learning about the different types of triangles this week. After half term we will continue on with this.


We had our last Dance session this week and I have to say, the routine was difficult. The children really worked hard and managed all the moves, I was really impressed.


Today we had some very exciting news. A few weeks ago we entered a writing competition, we had to write a poem about a peculiar pet. The children came up with some wild and wacky ideas and we sent them off. If we were successful then we could have our poems published alongside other national winners. There are also some prizes to be won for the winner and runner ups. We received a letter today saying all of our entries had been successful and had been picked to be published. The children were very proud, a special moment for them. We will not find out until the Autumn term whether any of our class were the winner or runner ups.....fingers crossed. By the end of this week your child will bring home an envelop which contains a copy of the poem they wrote and asks for your permission for their work to be published. You can also change any details, such as spelling of names etc and order copies of the book. It would be great to see everyone's work in the book so please take the time to complete the form. I believe you can do it all online directly with the competition organizers, details of this are in the envelope. Please do not return any monies/permission forms to school.

Well done Year 4 for your fabulous work and a fabulous result.



This week the children have been hard at work preparing and filming their class assembly for you to watch. They have done amazingly well, all their own ideas went into this and I must say I am very proud of what they have achieved. We have been learning in Topic about the 3 stages of a river and continued with our riverside adventure with Mole, Ratty and Toad in English. In Math's we have been revisiting Time and recapping on fractions. Below you will photos from their Dance session, the last one is next week. It has been a great week despite the weather and we wish you a great weekend.


Today the children finished their 3D rivers and tested them with water. Below you will see their designs and a couple of videos to show  our testing of them. They all did very well. A couple of groups even made dams at the bottom which was very creative. We only a few leaks, most of the banks of the rivers were very solid and caused the water to follow the route planned. Well done Y4.


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This week we have been looking at the language an author uses to paint a picture in our minds of certain characters. The children have really enjoyed searching the text and really getting to know these characters. In Topic we started planning and making our 3D rivers, with natural materials. The children came up with some really great and creative ideas. Next week we will finish building them and then test them with water and see if their river banks guide the water to where they had planned for it to go. I am very excited to see this.


This week we have been very busy with lots of fun learning as you can see below. The children managed to get outside to practice their knowledge of equivalent fractions this week, in the form of a game. They did enjoy it despite the wind blowing some of their cards away.

The children have talked a lot about who was and still is important to them during lockdown. Who inspired them or helped them. They have then designed a stamp to reflect what was important to them to enter the Heroes competition. Here are a few of their designs.

In Science this week the children were classifying a selection of animals into mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. We learned what the words vertebrate and invertebrate meant and what animals come into those categories. 


What a fantastic first week back, the children have been ready and excited to learn. We have started our new topic 'Go With The Flow' and have been learning about how rivers start and where they end up. In Science we have been looking at different types of animals and what all living things have in common. We started out text 'Wind In The Willows' and have been introduced to the characters and in Math's we have been working hard on fractions, converting them to decimals and looking at equivalent fractions.

For Earth day we talked about how we could cut down on electricity and water usage and spent an hour where we turned off all electricity in our classroom and went outside in the sunshine.

Please check out our Home Learning page as we have already had some wonderful pieces in to show you. 

Year 4 enjoying their first Dance lesson, with a theme of water. They had to pretend to be rain and wind in a storm with thunder and lightning. 


What a lovely last day of term. The children had some wonderful Easter bonnets, so much detail and work had gone into them, well done everyone. I am so proud of how well the children have settled back into school, for this short period of time. They have worked so hard.

Enjoy the Easter break.



Our first activity was to make a tower from toothpicks and play dough that would hold a chick. The next challenge was for their tower to hold a small egg. The third challenge was to build a tower that could hold a larger, heavier egg and the final challenge (using only half the amount of play dough than before) was to build a tower that could hold all three items. Year 4 did so well with some impressive, eggcellent towers!!

Our second activity was to make a basket or strap for an egg to travel safely down a zip wire. The children tested their eggs on wire, wool and string to see which was the best material to use to make the fastest zip wire.
Our last activity was to make a chain reaction, sending an egg (we used balls as they rolled better!) on a journey. Here are some short clips of what we did in groups. Some groups tried to add their chain reaction to another groups. Unfortunately we ran out of time to really perfect 2 chains joining together to make one longer one. But it was a fantastic day and the children not only really enjoyed themselves but all worked great as a team.


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Yesterday and today we have been re-looking at our school values. We discussed why our school values are important to us and how they make us feel at school. As a class we decided we would create a song to share with you the values. One child in Y4 went home yesterday and wrote two verses of lyrics, which was wonderful, and shared them with the rest of the class today. We then added and changed a few bits here and there and once we were all happy with them we split off into groups to add a tune/ body percussion to our words. I think you will agree they all did a fantastic job. Great work Y4.

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This week we have been competing in the virtual games, passing and dribbling the ball. We have recapped our knowledge on multiplication and division in Maths. In English we have been reading fantasy/fairy tale stories and creating our own endings. In Science we learnt about how sound waves travel and why sounds are harder to hear the further away you are. Below are some of the fun activities we have covered this week. We also tuned into a live body percussion workshop, which the children really enjoyed taking part in.


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We had great fun looking at the artist Arcimboldo, who created portraits by painting fruit and vegetables. We tried to do this by creating a portrait of Henry VIII using fruit and vegetables too.
We then put all our pictures together to re-create a portrait of Henry VIII.
And here was our final design


We have had a great week. We recapped on addition and subtraction. Did more team games in PE. We extended our circuit knowledge in Science and ended the week drawing pie charts to show our data collected on internet devices as part of the census. 

We did more work on electrical circuits. We tried using a switch to turn the bulbs on and off and we used buzzers and motors.
In English this week we had fun acting out the next part of a story. What we thought might happen. A queen and some dwarfs on a dangerous journey.
We hope you had a lovely Mother's Day, we had fun making you all cards.


We had a great PE lesson completing the activities this week for the virtual games with Mr Hunt. Some of the activities were quite challenging.

We had great fun this week using all the components to make complete circuits. Some groups made several bulbs light up. They enjoyed exploring what was needed to make a circuit complete, next week we will be trying out switches and buzzers.


This week we finished our topic by tasting some food from Italy. We had green and black olives, sun dried tomatoes, salami, mozzarella cheese, palmer ham and bresaola. Lots of children tried things they hadn't before. We watched KS1's Nativities and had a fun end to the term. Well done Y4 for all your hard work. Enjoy the break.

We also had fun using our bodies as percussion instruments to a Christmas song, here is a short clip to give you an idea.


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Its been a busy week this week. In Science we looked at our egg experiment, you can see the results below, we found the apple, orange juice and coke did the most damage to the shell of the egg, which was representing the enamel on our teeth. In Topic we looked at why facts in History can vary, how we find out about things from the past and several places in the UK that have Roman sites you can visit. Thursday afternoon the children made Christmas/holiday cards and decorations. They all seemed to thoroughly enjoy the activities. In English we studied a poem called 'I am a Roman'. The children learnt what determiners are and how to identify them in the poem. Then they grouped together to take a stanza each to learn by heart using actions to support them. You can see videos of them below. In Math's we continued with multiplying and dividing. This week we had winners for the Rock Star Times tables certificates in Fridays assembly from our class again. That's 3 weeks in a row for Y4! Great work.


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This week we were looking at teeth decay in Science, what it is and what can cause it. We set up an experiment with 5 hard boiled eggs, placed in cups of water, apple juice, orange juice, milk and coke to see what would happen to them and why. The shells of boiled eggs are like tooth enamel. We will see what the eggs look like next Monday. In Topic we looked at Roman baths, what they were like and why Romans used them. The children then had to design their own and make a poster advertising it.

Finally we finished the week off with Snowflake day, the children wrote a poem in the morning, made stocking bookmarks and snowmen. Great fun.


Another great week this week. The children have been extending their knowledge on newspaper reports and trying to guess what the report could be about just from the Headlines. They then wrote their own Headlines using alliteration or a play on words for their own article based on an event from the 'Romans on the Rampage' book we read several weeks ago. We have been cracking on with our times tables this week. Two members of the class won awards for their Rock Star times tables this week which was amazing work. In Maths we have been looking at multiplication and division with remainders. In Topic we learnt more about Roman roads and in Science we learnt about the function of the different teeth we have and compared them to the teeth of other animals. 


This week we continued with measuring in Math's, focusing on finding the perimeters of shapes. In English we also continued with instructions. The children had to make a catapult just from looking at a picture, and then write the instructions on how to make it afterwards. We then peer marked with suggestions on how to improve and what went well and rewrote the instructions with our improvements. In topic we learnt about the various invasions of Britain by the Romans and how ruthless the Roman Emperors were. Alongside this we learnt why and where Hadrian's wall was built. In Science we learnt more about how our digestive system works and what job each part has. 


This we have had great fun learning about Romans. In English the children have been finding out about Gladiators, how you became one and what life was like for them. They had to think about instructions for becoming a gladiator and act it out. It was very funny and we had a great time as you will see below. We learnt more about Mary and Josephs journey to Bethlehem, how they felt on their travels and what worries they might have experienced. In Math's we have been measuring length and converting mm's to cm's, cm's to m's and m's to km's. They have found this a little tricky. We will continue next week but if you can support at home with converting these measurements please do. 10mm = 1cm, 100cm = 1m, 1000m = 1km. Have a great weekend.

We have been learning about the Roman army in topic, what tactics they used, the different weapons they had, how advanced they were in fighting and what life was like for a solider. We also had a drawing lesson where we drew our own Roman solider. The children took copies of these home today to share with you.


This week we have been doubling and halving numbers in Maths. In RE we have been learning about Bethlehem and Jerusalem, looking at where Jesus was born and died and the churches that now stand in those places. In English we have been learning about instructions, using prepositions and how important it is to word instructions clearly. One activity we did was to choose a picture to describe to their partner so that they drew it exactly the same. Thursday we followed a set of instructions on how to make a Roman road, followed by an instruction test which was fun. Some children bought a copy of this test home for you to try out. In Topic we learnt about some of the major events in Roman history and created a time line. 


What a busy week with loads of learning and activities as you can see below. Halloween day was extra fun. Well done to all of Year 4 for a fantastic first term. I am proud of you all. Year 4 came home with a competition form for creating a secret garden this week, either a drawing, a model or a real mini garden. Please send the competition forms along with a photo or drawing of their creation into school to me please before the 13th November. I will send them off. The winner will have their design created in real life on the school grounds and runners up with receive a Goodie bag about the newly released film ' The Secret Garden' in cinemas today.

Have a well deserved holiday and I will see you all soon.

Following our Science work on Liquids, Solids and Gases, we made lava lamps today in glasses. We poured in water, followed by oil and then added some red food colouring. We talked about why the oil sits on top of the water. We then added an alka seltzer tablet and watched the reaction. After it had finished fizzing we stirred the mixture rapidly and then left it to settle during lunch. After lunch we noticed that the water still remained at the bottom and the oil on top.
We made paper Halloween pumpkins today, we also enjoyed several games of noisy Halloween Bingo!
The long awaited exploding of volcanoes. We all enjoyed doing this. A couple of the volcanoes we used mentos and coke, the others we used baking soda, washing up liquid, water and red food colouring. We talked about the reaction mixing those ingredients together caused.
The children made their own cross section of a volcano and labelled all the parts in topic.
In R.E. this week the children made their own Mezuzahs, where they wrote messages which showed what was important to them. This past term we have been learning all about Judaism and what is important to Jewish people.
We learnt all about the water cycle in Science this week and they made their own water wheel showing the process.


This week in Science we looked at evaporation. We took towels and weighed them after soaking them in a set amount of water, we then decided on 3 different places to hang them to dry and took the temperature of those places. We then let them dry, re-weighed them and looked at the amount of water that had evaporated. In English we have been reading 'Romans On The Rampage' by Jeremy Strong which the children have thoroughly enjoyed, we will carry on with this text next week. In Math's we have been doing column addition, moving onto subtraction next week, and using inverse operations to find missing numbers in sums. In topic we made paper cone volcanoes and labelled the parts. We have over 20 volcanoes now with the promise of more to come on Monday which I have to say has gone way over my expectations! I think we will be exploding them for a whole day laugh Lets hope the weather holds out.


This week the children finished researching information on Italy to write their information books, using the features learnt about non-fiction books. In Math's we learnt about the Roman numeral system and solved fun puzzles using them. In PSHE we learnt about Harriet Tubman who escaped from slavery and helped to free 70 other slaves. In Topic we learnt about what the Earth is made of and how volcanoes are formed. We discussed tectonic plates, where they are on a world map and what happens when they move. We saw footage of erupting volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. Below are photos of all the wonderful volcanoes we have so far and 2 display boards full of all our class and home learning. They really do look great. We only have one more week left before we erupt them the week before half term.


This week in Science we looked at processes such as melting, freezing, evaporation, condensation and water vapor. We poured hot water over ice cubes and watched the water vapor swirling, we then timed how long it took for ice to melt compared to ice covered in salt. We learnt why salt melts ice quicker. Finally I showed the children how we can turn a gas (steam) back into a liquid using a kettle and a metal spoon. They could see the water collecting on the spoon and then dropping onto the paper towel.


Carrying on from last week the children painted their 3D geographical maps of Italy and the UK and then labelled the mountain ranges and volcanoes. They did really well and these have gone up on our display board in the classroom. In Math's this week we have been looking at negative numbers and when we use them. In English they have been researching 3 areas of choice to do with Italy, ready for writing their own information booklet on Italy next week. In RE we learnt about Synagogues and watched a video showing the inside of one. We also learnt about Rosa Parks and how she contributed to changing the way black people were treated in 1955 as part of Black History month. Another great week for Year 4.


Last week in music we watched Rossini's Cat duet which the children found quite funny and then we looked at the Typewriter Symphony which they also found interesting. Most did not know what a typewriter was........which made me feel old! So we bought one into school for them to experience what it was like before we had word processors. 


This week in Topic we were making mini 3D geographical maps of the UK and Italy, marking the mountain ranges using paper mache. Next week we will be painting them and labelling them, so more pictures to follow. 

This week in Science we wanted to find out what temperature is chocolate's melting point. So we tested small cubes of chocolate in room temperature water, warm and hot water. We timed each experiment and recorded the results. We even got to eat some too, since most children's tongues were hanging out by the end of the lesson! laugh


This week the children have been working so hard. In Topic we learnt the difference between physical and human features and identified on a UK map where these features could be found. In R.E we learnt about Judaism, the story of Abraham. In Math's we added and subtracted 1000 to 3 and 4 digit numbers. In English Year 4 wrote some fantastic opening paragraphs and ending paragraphs. They were really interesting with great use of language. In Science as you can see below we investigated the gas used in carbonated drinks. We weighed our drinks and then swirled them until all the bubbles had gone and measured again to discover any differences. We learnt that gases have a mass. We also experimented with what happens when you drop raisins into fizzy drinks. Ask your children to explain what they found out. We finished off watching a clip about how fizzy drinks are made. A great week for Year 4 laugh



Well what a great start to the term. Year 4 have worked so hard this week and I know they are all tired. We have been rounding numbers to 10 and 100 in Math's. Learning about the different types of nouns in English. In Topic we found out what Italy is like, where it is on a map and the cities, rivers and mountain ranges. In Science we learnt about solids, liquids and gases. We grouped many everyday food/drink items into those 3 categories and discussed how some can change from one state to another. We looked at how the particles move in each state. Next week we will be focusing on and investigating gases more. We have a new PE teacher this year and he was very complimentary about Year 4 and how well they did in their lesson. 

Below you will see some of the Science we worked on and some fun Drama activities Year 4 took part in this week. Well done to all of you smiley