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Class Activities

15.06.20 - We have started our Spanish week by learning the names of some animals in Spanish. The children have amazed me with how quickly they remembered the names. This afternoon we have made our own Spanish omelettes. They smelled and tasted delicious!

4.6.20 - Back to school!

5.3.20 - Year 1 sharing stories with each other.

3.3.20 - As part of book week we have been looking at visual literacy. We watched a clip called 'La Luna' and then discussed feelings, characters personality and appearance, what happened next, what happened before and the voice used.

3.3.20 - We have been working hard on our writing today. The children have been writing about lots of different things and are so proud of their work. They have also been working on their place value sorting dienes into hundreds, tens and units. They have also played 'money' dominoes where they had to match the value to the coin.

2.3.20 We have been busy making 'perfume' out of herbs and spices as part of our plants topic in science. We have used lots of different herbs and flowers that we have found in the garden. We have also been estimating if we think things are longer or shorter than a meter.

14.2.20 Year 1 enjoying a well deserved relax by the 'fire' with a teddy and a book.

3.2.20 Practicing our alien words!

24.1.2020 As part of our topic 'Wild Thing!' we have looked at wild weather. Yesterday, the children designed and created a windsock. They then tested these outside.

23.1.2020 - Testing our windsocks!

21.01.20 We have been listening to music from the 50s and comparing it to music today. The children have noted lots of differences and have enjoyed listening to these songs.

15.01.20 Our word of the day was 'wonderful' and although the children could use it they couldn't explain what it meant. They have all now found 'wonderful' in the dictionary and are starting to use a dictionary confidently.

15.01.20 We have been 'jumping into pictures' and pretending we are Max from the story 'Where The Wild Things Are'. The children have been thinking about what they would say if they were Max and saw a Wild Thing.

13.1.2019 - Challenging ourselves in challenge time!

25.11.19 - We have had a half price sale in class this morning! The children had to work out what was the price after it had been halved.

18.11.19 - Year 1 have been playing number bond 'snap' with giant playing cards. They have all had a go at this this morning and are getting speedy with their number bonds to 10. If you have a pack of playing cards at home ask them how to play... I am sure they will be willing to teach you!

Come and see what we choose to do in our challenge time!

Making clay models of London landmarks!

Year 1 are thriving during 'Challenge Time!' Here you can see them working hard on place value, forming letters counting up to 100!

As part of our science topic we went on a material hunt around the school and the field. The children loved hunting for different materials and recording what they found!

Our fabulous crowns!