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Class Activities

18 March 2020- Marvellous Mirrors

In science this week, Year 3 investigated mirrors, looking at patterns, symmetry and then creating a secret message using reflections.

March 10th - Tomb Discovery! Today we made an amazing discovery of an egyptian tomb in our class room. The children worked as teams to peek inside (no more than 10 seconds because of the toxic gases) and record their findings.

2nd March - Today we were apprentice embalmers! We are investigating the effects of mummification with tomatoes. Today we disemboweled tomatoes, weighed them and packed them in Natron salt. We will check them in a few weeks time!

28th February. Our Home Learning board is looking really busy! Thank you to everyone who has brought something in to show the class; the children have discovered some amazing facts about this ancient civilisation. We are currently investigating the process of mummification and next week will be practicing our embalming skills!

14.2.20 This week we have been continuing to explore the Ancient Egyptians and have been busy making mummified cats and creating our own cartouches of our names. We translated our names into hieroglyphs before making our cartouche complete with a protective rope.


This week we have been making our own papyrus having collected reeds from the River Nile (school pond)!  After making our paper we have written instructions in our Topic book.

More Super Science- 29 January 2020


What fun science can be. Today's investigation was to answer the question- Which magnet is the strongest? 

Depending on the magnet, we had a variety of answers. But recording our results in a table and bar graph were all part of the fun!

Shakespeare Workshop 23.1.20


This week we have enjoyed a Shakespeare workshop. The children were introduced to what a trip to the theatre would have been like in Elizabethan times. We then acted out the story of A Midsummer's Night Dream - we certainly have some budding actors!

Science- Forces and Magnets


This term, we have been studying forces and magnets. 

We enjoyed investigating which surface generates more friction, by rolling a car down the various surfaces and seeing which surface was raised the highest.  


This term we are playing badminton and improving our hand and eye coordination.
This term we are investigating the Ancient Egyptians. The children have been looking at Egyptian paintings and buildings to see what we can discover about this ancient civilisation. We have also designed our own crowns for when we become Pharaohs!

13th November

Y3 had great fun presenting their poems, written by Michael Rosen and all about living in the Stone Age

Year 3 enjoyed looking at different objects and thinking what they are used for today and how "Stig" might have used them if he found them.