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Class activities


We have had a great last full week of school. This week the children wrote their own stories from a picture of an animal. They also took part in a cricket lesson where they really did have great fun. We finished the week with our trip to 4Kingdoms. You will find Y2 photos of the day under class trips and events.


This week the children have been busy writing newspaper reports on the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. In Maths we were going over time and recapping weight. In Science we learnt about food chains and which animals give us certain produce. Lastly in topic we learnt about summer and winter life in the Artic. We have also been practicing our Brazilian Samba dance that we will be performing at the fair tomorrow. We hope to see you all there.


What an amazing week. The children have really enjoyed travelling around the world and learning about so many different countries. I have to say all children coped so well being off timetable for such a special week and the feedback I got from other members of staff who took Y2 this week was full of praise. Well done Y2. I am so proud of you all. See some of the wonderful things they achieved this week below.

The children got to make, bake and decorate this week. We made Brazilian truffles called Brigadeiro and Brazilian orange cake. Very tasty Y2!

Lots of finger licking fun...……...thank you to all who bought some at our stall...…..we sold out very quickly!

While studying Brazil, the children found out that the language spoken there was Portuguese. So they used Google translator to find out what certain words/phrases were in Portuguese. For example, Hello, How are you? Some also chose some phrases of their own.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
The whole school was treated to a steel band assembly and then individual class workshops, where they got to play and learn about the musical instruments. They also had fun trying out new dance moves!
Y2 had fun this week making carnival masks in class. We learnt about the Brazilian carnival held every year for 3 days of music, singing and dancing. They had a go at making their own.


Another fantastic week. The children researched and wrote some wonderful instructions on how to keep a pet. They measured the weight of items around the classroom using scales in grams and kilograms. In Science this week they made their bird scarers, thank you to all that helped provide the resources for this, I think you will agree the final products are amazing!

The final product!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


This week the children having been writing a fact booklet about an Arctic animal, by finding information from the iPads. We have been learning about capacity in Maths as you can see from the pictures below, next week we will be measuring the weight of items and looking at g and kg. In Science we looked at microhabitats and found some in our garden. The children will be making bird scarers later on next week, please make sure they have the right materials from home to do this (see the sheet they bought home). We also built our ant habitat and look forward to adding ants to it soon.


This week the children finished their assessments. Well done Y2 you worked very hard. In Science this week the children have been learning about growing plants, we grew cress and tried eating it and we also looked at our plants from the week before, which they have now taken home to see how much more they grow. It has been interesting watching them develop roots and grow into shoots. 

Next term, although we will be changing topics, we will be continuing with our topic grid from last term on Intrepid Explorers, so please keep the fantastic home learning coming in. 

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What a great week, the children have been working hard to improve their story writing this week and have been completing their assessments well. We also started growing our own plants hydroponically (without soil) and have been learning about and watching Neil Armstrong's first landing on the moon.

Please see Parents page - After school clubs -  for updates on Science Club


This week in Science Club the children were learning about communication, sometimes its not easy to get someone to understand something. Communication is important in Science because the more complex our world gets, the more we have to understand in order to make responsible decisions. The children drew a pattern on a piece of paper and then their partner, blindfolded, had to draw the same line by being given instructions on directions to draw. Children found this interesting and often had to think about what words they were using to describe which way to draw. Well done Science Club.

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Helicopter seeds

Easter Bonnets.............AMAZING

Treasure Hunt

Our last Science Club this term

Science Club 22.3.19

Science Club 22.3.19 1
Science Club 22.3.19 2
Science Club 22.3.19 3
Science Club 22.3.19 4
Science Club 22.3.19 5
Science Club 22.3.19 6
Science Club 22.3.19 7
Science Club 22.3.19 8
Science Club 22.3.19 9
Science Club 22.3.19 10

Science club 15.3.19

Improved Bridges

Improved Bridges 1
Improved Bridges 2
Improved Bridges 3
Improved Bridges 4
Improved Bridges 5
Improved Bridges 6
Improved Bridges 7
Improved Bridges 8


During the 7th week of Science Club we looked at 3 different ways to make crystals...……..I will take photos in a couple of weeks to show you the results. The children used hot water, sugar, salt, vinegar and charcoal briquettes, string and paper clips. Lots of exciting predictions and hands on fun. Lets hope we get some great results.

Picture 1
Picture 2

World Book Week

World Book Week 1
World Book Week 2
World Book Week 3
World Book Week 4
World Book Week 5


During our 6th week of Science club the children were given some ice cubes and without touching the ice with any part of their body they had to melt it. The quickest time won. The children started by shaking the bowl around to melt the ice cubes, some tried to hold it nearer to the light, understanding that heat would help to melt it. Then they progressed to breathing on the ice, as they realised their warm breath would help melt the ice. There were two groups who completely melted their ice in a time of 20 minutes and 52 seconds. We then talked about what else could make the ice melt quicker and discussed what adults use to make sure the playground stays ice free and not slippery when its been snowing or icy. The children came up with the answer of salt!. So we tested this. We put ice cubes in a bowl and poured salt over them. This process only took 6 minutes and 36 seconds. We then talked about why this was so much quicker. 

Well done Science club.

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Picture 3
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Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Bounciest Ball Investigation


During our 5th week of Science club, they children borrowed Alfie's metal detector (Thank you Alfie and family) to go hunting for buried treasure in our playing field, unfortunately we didn't find any! But had fun trying.

For the rest of the time the children were problem solving using forces to build a card tower, considering the shape and mass of the cards and how best to balance them. We also found out it doesn't help if you breath, sneeze or cough near them once built!! However the children showed great perseverance as it wasn't easy to do. So a big well done to Science club and our ex pupil helper.

Even more Home Learning.......fantastic work


During our 4th week of Science club, the children were looking at forces using levers. The bottom of a spoon's bowl serves as a fulcrum. You apply force to the tip of the bowl. The end of the handle does the work for you. Could the children get the spoon into the glass? The answer was, after lots of tries, yes they all did and thoroughly enjoyed trying. We then went on to see what happened when they placed 3 spoons in a row. Ask your children what they found out. Well done Science club.


Computers 1
Computers 2
Computers 3
Computers 4
Computers 5
Computers 6
Computers 7
Computers 8


Wheels 1
Wheels 2
Wheels 3
Wheels 4
Wheels 5
Wheels 6
Wheels 7
Wheels 8
Wheels 9
Wheels 10

More Home Learning on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


During week 2 of Science club, the children looked at senses, testing human reflexes. They tried catching a ruler that was being dropped, first with eyes open then with eyes shut. After that they had a go at slipping a coin down their hand and attempting to catch it when it fell off. They also tried the hand slapping game (lightly of course), testing reaction times. Finally they crossed their arms over and linked their hands together, their partner pointed to a certain finger which they then had to try and move.....harder than it looks!! Have a go at home with this one.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Home Learning


Welcome to our first Science club, we were looking at forces, combining problem solving skills with physical agility and balance. The children had to see if they could balance with their feet touching, facing each other, holding hands with arms straight. This meant they would be leaning backwards away from each other. The next problem was to sit facing each other, feet together, holding hands to see if they could stand up at the same time. The last problem was the hardest!! They had to balance holding hands with both feet on a ball. One group managed this for about 3 seconds. We did cheat a little bit towards the end and we placed the ball on a beanbag to steady it. But the children had great fun trying different ways to achieve the challenge. Most were worn out by the end. Can I say a big thank you to a special volunteer helper who is an ex student from Larchfield completing her Duke of Edinburgh award and will be continuing to support Science club this term. Well done Science club no


What a fantastic Science Day. Y2 looked at a selection of pictures and had to decide whether or not they flew, explaining their reasons why.  They then discussed and learnt how hot air balloons, hand gliders and planes flew, how they stayed up in the air. After that they designed their own paper planes, testing how far they flew. (See the winners below). We tested how we could make our planes fly further, some added paper clips, others added blue tac. All enjoyed the day.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


This week we have been looking at fashion from the last decade as part of our topic, Changes in Living Memory. The children studied and discussed the changes in fashion and hair styles from 1920-present day. They had great fun recreating those pictures which are now part of a display in class.

Christmassy things

Christmassy things 1
Christmassy things 2
Christmassy things 3
Christmassy things 4
Christmassy things 5
Christmassy things 6
Christmassy things 7
Christmassy things 8
Christmassy things 9

Sewing club

Sewing club 1
Sewing club 2

Snowflake Day

Snowflake Day 1
Snowflake Day 2
Snowflake Day 3
Snowflake Day 4
Snowflake Day 5
Snowflake Day 6

Alive, Dead, Never Alive

Alive, Dead, Never Alive 1
Alive, Dead, Never Alive 2
Alive, Dead, Never Alive 3
Alive, Dead, Never Alive 4
Alive, Dead, Never Alive 5
Alive, Dead, Never Alive 6
Alive, Dead, Never Alive 7
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

14.9.18 Magic potions

14.9.18 Magic potions 1
14.9.18 Magic potions 2
14.9.18 Magic potions 3
14.9.18 Magic potions 4