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Class activities


What another fantastic week. The children really shone this week with our performances of 'Hey Ewe'. Well done to all the children involved, they practiced and performed brilliantly. Inbetween that they still managed to get some learning in, making warm clothes for Inuit people. Next week we will be focussing on our Science and Topic before the end of term. 


What another exciting week. We have had the book fair, a fantastic assembly from a company called I Rock. We made snowflakes from salt dough, next week we will be decorating them. We wrote newspaper reports as reporters. We touched on patterns in shapes in Maths and we created Grinch Christmas cards and did some Grinch maths. All alongside rehearsals for our Nativity next week which the children are really excited about.

You should have received your tickets today for our Nativity and a letter about a trip to the Lookout later on next year. The cost for this trip is £16.50. 

Please can I ask that children have the correct clothing for PE, we still have a few children with shorts in this cold weather and no PE trainers. They should have tracksuit bottoms as PE will be outside whenever possible and the correct footwear is needed.

Thank you



This week we also had the added excitement of a trip to the BCA to watch some students perform 'The Grinch', which the children thought was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon out. A big thank you to BCA for inviting us and providing transport for us it was a wonderful experience for the children.


This week Year 2 have learning about capacity and how to measure liquids in ml. In English we have been doing guided reading groups and the children have enjoyed reading different texts and answering questions on them. In the afternoons we have been busy working on our Nativity which is really beginning to take shape. We will be catching up on our Science and Topic work the last week of term. The children have also been busy making snowflakes out of pasta and salt dough.


This week the children had fun writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich and then how to make an igloo. In Maths we looked at how to read thermometers and read temperatures. In Topic we looked at Inuit people, where they live, how they live and survive in a frozen environment.

Please look at the Home Learning icon for more fabulous pieces by Y2.

Could I ask that you read every night and children bring their books in everyday. Could you make sure children have tracksuit bottoms now the weather has got cold for PE, we had a lot of chilly legs today outside!

Lastly, please support your child with learning their Nativity lines. They are working hard learning songs ready to perform to you all.

We were excited today to have a Drama4all workshop. The children had great fun pretending to be Knights and magicians, make magic potions. Flyers went home today offering a free session for you to take your child to. Well worth a visit.


Welcome back after hopefully a restful but fun half term. This week the children have been reading 'The Last Polar Bears' a text written in diary form. They have written their own diary for a day over the holiday that they enjoyed using the past tense, time connectives, adverbs and conjunctions. In Maths we have been looking at subtraction. In topic they have been comparing climates in the Arctic and Antarctic with the UK and Mexico. We have also started learning our Christmas Nativity songs which the children are very excited about. Copies of all letters recently sent out regarding our Nativity are under the 'Trips and Events icon.


This week the children made and tested their igloos. We tested them to see how strong they were and many were built extremely well. In English we went over some grammar, we also wrote some fun fact files about different animals, what they eat and how they survive in the cold. In maths we went over place value and addition. The children were also introduce to the Christmas Nativity we are going to be doing. Letters will be going home after half term informing you of your child's part and costume needed. In Science we looked at the animals found in the Arctic and Antarctic and sorted them into correct regions. 

Please keep handing in the home learning from the grid, we have had some exceptional pieces. Well done Y2 for all your hard work and great learning this half term.


This week the children tested their sledges to find out which design had the least amount of friction when pulled across snow and of course, magically we made snow to test them on! The children had great fun and many sledges had little friction so well done with your designing and building. We also learnt about the first men to successfully climb Mount Everest. The children found this really interesting, particularly the dangerous parts!! They have also started on designing an igloo, we looked at how they are constructed and what they are used for. Next week we hope to make them and test how strong they are.


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This week in class the children listened to the beginning of a story called 'The Great Explorer'. It's about a boy who reads in a newspaper that his explorer Dad is lost in the Arctic. He goes to rescue him. They had to write the story in paragraphs, an opening, a build up and problem, a resolution and lastly an ending. We focused on punctuation, adjectives and interesting sentence starters. I have to say we had some great writing, lovely joining and wonderful ideas as to what happened in the story. Great work Year 2 smiley

In Maths we looked at addition with 1 and 2 digit numbers using frog maths. We also looked at what we would pack to take to the South Pole for an expedition. 

Lastly thank you to all who have been supplying us with empty milk bottles. We now have enough for our project. Have a good weekend.


This week the children have had great fun in designing their own sledges. They had to make one that could be pulled with as little friction as possible across snow and we will be testing them next week on snow! Well done Year 2


This Friday Year 2 had great fun throwing bean bags in the wind!

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In music this week the children listen to an extract with voices, the music talked about it being very cold, vocals were short and sharp. The children in groups had to replicate the music using only their voices and the words 'chatter' or 'freezing cold', then we combined the groups together to make one class composition, below is the extract from the composer Purcell and then the class version. They all did very well and had lots of fun.

Purcell - King Arthur

Class vocal composition

In Science this week we learnt about the force friction. We discussed when we use sledges, which they already knew a little about when studying the expedition to the South Pole, and their shape and design and then tested them on 3 different surfaces, gym mats, concrete and grass. We wanted to find out which surface had the most friction and which the least. The children all took turns riding on a sledge and pulling one. We discovered that although the mats were the smoothest, because they are not rock hard, but squishy that it was really hard to pull the sledge on them. Next week the children will be designing their own sledge and building one from their chosen materials.
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This week the children were looking at poetry. They wrote their own based on our Brrr… theme. We looked at shape poems and again the children planned their own. In topic we looked at Scott and Amundsen, the 2 major explorers to try and reach the South Pole. We will continue with this learning next week. We looked at healthy eating in Science and designed our own pack lunch and sorted foods into healthy and unhealthy choices. In Maths we have been practicing our times tables and using greater than, less than and equals symbols. We have also had some more great home learning pieces in. Keep them coming yes

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This week the children looked at some unusual homes and wrote about who they thought might live there and why, they came up with some great ideas. In Maths we looked at place value, what a ten is and what a one is. See pictures below. In Science we looked at the life cycle of a human and in topic we learnt about continents and researched on the iPad facts about them. We have also had some more fantastic home learning pieces in, please see the home learning tab for more photos. Our display board is jam packed full of wonderful work. In music we carried on with composition and Vivaldi's 4 seasons. The children composed music on the theme of a snow blizzard. Well done Y2.


We have had a wonderful first week of term. The children have settled in well. We have started our topic by finding out where the Northern, Southern Hemisphere and equator are. We located the Arctic and Antarctic. We learnt about the life cycle of a penguin and a polar bear. In maths we have been doing number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. In English we have watched the beginning of Happy Feet and described the setting and written a story opening for the film. Music: we compose our own music to replicate the sound of teeth chattering and our bodies shivering after listening to Vivaldi's 4 seasons (Winter). They all did amazingly well. 

Just a note about reading records. We will be changing books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It would be helpful if you could write down the page numbers that have been read and whether the book has been finished so we know to change it and sign please .

Please can reading be done every day and returned to school everyday as we have volunteer readers in school on a Tuesday and Thursday.

If you have any questions about our learning please don't hesitate to come and speak to me.


If you have any empty milk cartons, the larger ones, we would be very grateful if you could bring them into school for a topic project later on in the term. Thank you.

Mrs Johnson