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Class Activities

Its may be messy but it's FUN! Making lighthouses today! 21.6.22

It's Jubilee Week! What could we possibly be making?

Addition and subtraction in Year 2! 17.5.22

Investigating and discussing the relationship between times tables and division

Looking at absorbency, vacuums and water displacement.

Magic Science Day starts with a magical adventure! Making magicians hats to kick start our fun!

Today we made telephones just like Alexander Grahame Bell!

Playdough 2d ad 3d shapes today! 11.3.22

Pointillism Art with Shapes! 8.3.22

Dan the Skipping Man workshop today! Ben came to show us how to skip!

World Book Fortnight!

Making Paper Aeroplanes for Instructions today! 15.2.22

Foundation rotation fun! 4.2.22 and Mondrian art 2.2.22

Looking at what the world around us is made from - 21.1.22

We got wet! Looking at waterproof and absorbency 14.1.22

The Great Explorers - acting out our class book 'The Great Explorer' by Chris Judge

In Flanders Field. Remembering those who lost their lives for our freedom. Poppies in fields. We watched:

Nativity Rehearsals in full swing! Make sure to check bags for letters on Friday!

For firework safety tips please follow this link.  There are others available to look at too!

Lessons for little ones | Child Accident Prevention Trust (

Have fun with Fireworks!


Mrs Jones 

Poetry in Motion 6.9.21 - 13.9.21