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Class Activities


While we are studying the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', Year 3 had a chance to make their own model woolly mammoths by reading and following instructions.


Our rock detectives were back at work investigating different properties of rocks, making sure to do fair tests and carefully recording their results.


As part of learning about Hinduism and Diwali, Year 3 have made some beautiful Rangoli patterns.


In our English today, Year 3 practised using imperative verbs while cleaning up some animal toys.

"Scrub the lion carefully behind his ears."


In science, Year 3 have started our learning about rocks by comparing and grouping them in different ways, then observing them closely to make scientific drawings.


On the first day back to school, Year 3 started our topic learning by creating a timeline of the Stone Age to the present day from toilet paper!