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I have been a very proud teacher this week - the children have worked very hard to produce the final write-up of their information texts about Rainforest Countries, as well as sitting through a few 'challenges' to assess their progress in reading and maths. They have all achieved so much this year and are showing this progress in their test results. I decided they had earned a special class treat, so on Friday afternoon the whole class enjoyed a HOT CHOCOLATE!! Mrs Kearney came too to celebrate with us, and was able to try out a game some of the children had designed on Scratch during our computing lesson which was lots of fun.

I've been told it was the best day we've had in Year 3 so far :-)


Today Years 3 and 4 took part in a national Guiness World Record attempt for ‘Most viewers of a Rolling Numbers Livestream’. The event was arranged by our friends at TTRS for National Numeracy Day, and the children participated by following along to a times table chant with actions, joined by schools from across the United Kingdom. We all had great fun taking part and I am pleased to announce that the attempt was successful, so we are now joint world record holders!


The class got creative today to make collage models of flowers as part of our science learning. We thought about which parts were important to label and what colours they should be. Can you recognise the different types of flowers?


Year 3 have tried to make the most of the good weather this week and enjoyed doing some learning outside as well as their playtime. We took the opportunity to practice some mental maths skills in the sunshine!


In English we have been practising our grammar and use of adverbs through some relay and sorting games which the children have been really enjoying! Can they tell you some adverbs of time and place?


As part of our science learning on plants, Year 3 have planned and set up an investigation this week to answer the question 'What do plants need to grow healthy and strong'? We have some pretty good ideas about what they need, but we want to be able to test and prove this scientifically. The children are working in groups and each group is testing a different variable such as sunlight, water or temperature. They have then decided how to set up the plants so that we can compare 'none', 'some' and 'plenty'. Which plants will grow to be the strongest?


Year 3 are continuing their learning about fractions this term - we have looked at how tenths are ten equal parts and used different coloured cubes to investigate how many different combinations we could make. Did you spot the number bonds?


We had brilliant fun today in a poetry workshop, led by a visitor from Norden Farm. The children imagined they were witches and wizards about to cast a magic spell - what ingredients would they need? What warnings did they give? The class were fantastically creative and came up with some great ideas, most of which have gone home with them to be shared with you.


HAPPY EASTER from Year 3!!! Another busy term full of learning and achievements - every child should be proud of themselves for working hard and especially taking on the challenge of swimming this term, for which they were all given a certificate yesterday. They also made some beautiful Easter cards this week so we wanted to share those, as well as the amazing Easter bonnets that came in today. Well done to our class winners, and to everyone who made an effort with their bonnet - you all looked super!

I hope you enjoy the Easter break and I will look forward to seeing you all back here in a couple of weeks.


Another opportunity to get some of our parents into school, on Wednesday we had the iRock concert. The year 3 band did a brilliant job, showing how much they've improved since last time as well as welcoming a new band member!


It was lovely to welcome parents into school this morning to watch the Year 3/4 production about The Tudors. I was very proud of Year 3 for sitting so patiently and singing so beautifully. Which was your favourite song?


Looking ahead to our topic for next term, the class were out today planting seeds in the learning garden. We talked about what they would need in order to grow, so we are hoping for some rain over the Easter holiday!


I was also very proud that Year 3 were the winners of our Cash for Change challenge after they raised an incredible £17.10 in small coins for the school. As a reward we were able to spend some extra time in the playground and made good use of the new equipment which has caused much excitement at Larchfield this week! I think the children had a great time!


The class were lucky to have a visitor from the DASH charity this week come to give us a workshop on healthy relationships. We explored the different ways we treat people who we like or dislike and how that can feel for them, as well as imagined a conflict between two friends and had to suggest different ways to help and resolve the argument. The children did very well, firstly at creating weird and wonderful characters for their stories but also at finding compromises and solutions to different problems.


In science this week we were able to check on the experiment we set up before the weekend - can you remember what happened to the bone left in vinegar? What about the one heated in the oven? We also continued our learning about healthy living by looking at how muscles work and what they do, then investigated the effect of doing exercise on our muscles.


Continuing our learning in computing, Year 3 were creating their own branching databases and investigating what difference it makes if they change the order of the questions. We found that arranging the questions to create roughly equal groups was the best way to go!


SCIENCE DAY 2022!!!! We have had another busy and exciting day at school and the children have loved it. We started our day studying skeletons with X-ray images, our life-size skeleton model as well as some real chicken bones! We have put one in a cup of vinegar for over the weekend - What do you think will happen to it? Then we were designing and creating magic models using magnets. I have been really impressed with the children's creativity and resourcefulness - What do you think?


This term in computing we are looking and grouping and sorting objects using yes/no questions based on different attributes e.g. colour - is it blue? The children started with physical objects before moving onto their tablets to create their own branching database.


The Big Book Swap - Year 3 were delighted today to choose a donated book to take home as their own, there were some very happy faces!


Today we were also lucky enough to have an online workshop with celebrated illustrator Nick Sharratt! He was great at demonstrating different illustrations so that we could follow along and they children were all able to create some brilliant drawings of their own. I wonder if any of our class will grow up to be famous authors/illustrators... See if you can spot their talent in the pictures!


Today we had a visit from Dan the Skipping Man who taught us some different ways to skip with individual ropes and everyone had a go at jumping the long rope. Each child has also been given their own skipping rope to take home!!


Today was Larchfield's WORLD BOOK DAY - see our brilliant costumes here! We have had a really fun day full of different activities centered around reading. Have fun spending your vouchers!


In science we have started a new topic all about Healthy Living. We started by playing a game to refresh our memories of what different animals eat. What do you call an animal that only eats plants or only meat? What about both?


We also had a visit from our Y6 Welfare Ambassadors to speak to us about looking after our mental health.


Today we combined science and English by experimenting with the process of mummification and writing instructions on 'How to Mummify a Tomato'. This of course links as well with our topic learning about Ancient Egyptians, who invented and practiced mummification. We have started by removing the 'squishy bits' from inside the fruit and packing it full of salt to draw out the water - I wonder what we'll find when we check on them in a few weeks..?


Today we hosted our science fair on magnets! We did have to stay within our Year 3 bubble but the children were able to take turns at playing each other's games and try to answer the scientific questions written by their friends. The class were very creative with their game ideas, we even had some children leaving with prizes to take home!


In maths we have started a ne topic on statistics - we have been learning about different ways of collecting and presenting data including in tables, pictograms and bar charts. The class have been able to collect data from each other and create their own bar charts representing the results.


Following on from Children's Mental Health week, in PSHE Year 3 drew and coloured in their 'Support Balloons'. Around the edge of the balloon we have put the names of people who help to support us, then created a web of connections between them and coloured in the spaces. They are looking great, and lovely to see how lucky we are to have such great support networks!


Year 3 have been consolidating their learning about magnets in science this week by designing and creating their own games that could be played at a science fair. We hope to be able to invite another class to visit next week so that they can try our games and learn about the properties of magnetism!


We have finished off our Pharaoh self-portraits and proudly put them on display - I think they're looking very regal!


Year 3 were making themselves into Pharoahs today in topic, using a profile photograph of themselves and drawing on an Egyptian headdress of their own design. We will continue with these next week and add colour so our Egyptian royalty can go up on display!


This week in maths, Year 3 have been learning about money - how to convert between pounds and pence, adding, subtracting money and giving change. The next time you're shopping, can your child work out how much money you need to pay and how much change you will receive?


Before planning and writing our own version of The Egyptian Cinderella this week, we worked in groups to role play the story and try out some original ideas by changing some of the key details.


In science we continued our learning an forces by first acting out some different sports and considering the forces in action. Then we had a selection of magnets to investigate; we asked different questions about magnetism and found ways to test and answer them.


Today we went on a fantastic trip to Eton's Museum of Antiquities and Museum of Natural History. I feel very proud of how well-behaved Year 3 have been and pleased with the learning we've done today. We have seen artefacts from Ancient Egypt as well as real fossils of dinosaurs and other living things - what a busy day it's been!


We really enjoyed our visit from the Fantastic Fred team who taught us how to take good care of our mental health - can you remember what the letter F R E D stand for?


Our new door decorations are up for our Tomb Raiders topic! Everyone in year 3 has written their name in hieroglyphics to create a cartouche, just like they would for Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt. Can you use the key to translate the hieroglyphics?


Year 3 have started a new unit in science on forces, which we kicked off with an investigation into how far a car would travel on different surfaces. We found that the car moved further on smooth, flat surfaces than on rough, bumpy ones because there is less friction to slow them down.


Merry Christmas and Happy End of Term from Year 3!! I hope you all have a restful holiday break and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. X




We continued our science learning this week by investigating shadows - which objects made the darkest shadows? What happens when you move an object further away from the light source?


Well done to all those in iRock who stood up in front of lower school and some parents to perform a song they have been learning this term. We all thought they were very brave and did such a good job!


This week we have continued our learning on multiplication and the children were able to demonstrate this using arrays.


In maths, we have moved on to learning about multiplication and division. The children were able to use their knowledge to solve these hexagon tarsia puzzles by matching the right sum with the right answer.


On Tuesday this week, Year 3 went on their first trip of the year to our local All Saint's Church. They really enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about Christianity, as well as being well behaved and representing the school proudly - well done Year 3!


Today in our topic lesson, Year 3 were getting creative with clay having been inspired by ancient artefacts found at the Stone Age site of Skara Brae. We think the 'stone balls' might have been used as toys, dice, weapons or currency - what do you think?


In maths, we used our addition and subtraction skills to solve missing number problems. 


Continuing with our science learning, Year 3 were testing how well different materials could reflect light. We found that smooth, shiny surfaces such as mirrors were the best reflectors!

8.11.21 Today we started our new topic in Science - Light. We identified sources of light and objects that can only been seen if they reflect light including the moon. We also proved how we need light to see with our scientific investigation

4.11.21 Today we have been studying Stone Age homes and where would be the best place to live. We then made some model Stone Age homes.


Phew, what a busy term we've had so far! It's lovely looking back over the last seven weeks and seeing how much learning we've covered and how much the children have achieved. I hope you all enjoy a well-earned rest and I look forward to seeing you after the break.


We had a special visitor on Monday afternoon - the class really enjoyed learning all about Road Safety and the Green Cross Code.

Think, STOP, Look, Listen - how fast can you say it?

Remember to complete your activity booklets if you have time over the half term to collect your certificates.


I was very proud of how well Year 3 did in Black History Month assembly, particularly Shivani and Verity who were fantastic news reporters and Sanav who made a very convincing Marcus Rashford!


Today in science we did some soil investigations to discover more about what it's made of and how well it can soak up or drain water. We found that top soil was better for letting water through than chalky or dense soil, and that if you mix up soil and water and leave it to settle it will separate into layers. I wonder what is in each of the layers?


We had a go at being news reporters while learning about Marcus Rashford, our focus person for Black History Month. It was a fun way to present the information we've been learning about this remarkable person and his achievements. 


Year 3 split into 'tribe' groups today while we learned about Stone Age food: first doing some gathering around the playground and reading about different plants, fruits and nuts that we could or couldn't eat; then we were hunters and tracked some animal footprints to find out what animal left them behind. Some of us certainly embraced the wild!


Year 3 did some investigating of different soil types - we learned about what is in soil and how important it is for all living things. 


In science we used playdough to create some fossils moulds from dinosaur toys - we will have to wait until after the weekend to see how they turn out!


I was very proud of Year 3 for writing up the final version of their instructions - How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth. They have worked hard in this unit to learn about the features of instructions and made sure to include all of those in their own writing, as well as using their neatest handwriting so their instructions would be easy to read and to follow.

Well done Year 3 :-)


Year 3 continued learning about Divali in R.E. by painting their lamps and making cards for family and friends.


We stepped back into the Stone Age and had a go at creating some Cave Art of our own!


Year 3 enjoyed doing some role play in English around our text, How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth, before writing our own sets of instructions next week.


In maths Year 3 had fun using skipping ropes as number lines with different start and end points, then working out where numbers should be positioned on that number line.


While we are studying the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', Year 3 had a chance to make their own model woolly mammoths by reading and following instructions.


Our rock detectives were back at work investigating different properties of rocks, making sure to do fair tests and carefully recording their results.


As part of learning about Hinduism and Diwali, Year 3 have made some beautiful Rangoli patterns.


In our English today, Year 3 practised using imperative verbs while cleaning up some animal toys.

"Scrub the lion carefully behind his ears."


In science, Year 3 have started our learning about rocks by comparing and grouping them in different ways, then observing them closely to make scientific drawings.


On the first day back to school, Year 3 started our topic learning by creating a timeline of the Stone Age to the present day from toilet paper!