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Class Activities

23.9.2020 In Science today, the class knew that light travels in a straight line, but they had to plan and carry out their enquiry to prove their theory. Great fun and lots of thinking skills used today!

22.9.2020 There has been some great acting out of scenarios (related to their learning about the Blitz) before Year 6 write their diary entries.

22.9.2020 A bit blurry? That's because Year 6 moved so fast when they heard the WWII air raid warning siren!

15.9.2020 Year 6 have been drawing their WWII propaganda posters today.

11.9.2020 Our collage of Year 6. Each photo was taken individually, then put together as a whole class.

11.9.2020 OO7 Fever in Year 6 this week as the class created their own spy gadgets and wrote leaflets on how to use them.

9.9.2020 Year 6 have been learning some sketching techniques and have begun to draw faces of leaders during WWII.

9.9.2020 Great fun learning today. Year 6 have been playing some place value games.

3.9.2020 Our first day back. It's so good to see the children looking so smart and to see all of their smiling faces from the front!