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Class Activities

9.6.21 Vivian Suter, from Buenos Aries and living in Guatemala, is an amazing artist who leaves her paintings outside for nature to enhance it. Year 6 have been following in her style and have produced some contemporary abstract art which will be left to the elements tonight!

8.6.21 Year 6 were working on some very tricky time investigations today. They had to get their thinking caps on!

24.5.21 Year 6 were investigating unknown angles in any regular polygon today. They began with proving that there are 180 degrees in a triangle by ripping off the angles and arranging them on a straight line.

24.5.21 The class made some games with instructions, using passive and active sentences in SPaG last week. Today they swapped with other pairs and tried out each other's games. Did I mention the sentences were all linked to Macbeth?

19.5.21 What fun we have had identifying the properties of polygons in Maths today!

18.5.21 Y6 had great fun solving maths problems with time zones in Geography today.

18.5.21 First, the children were pretending to watch a comedy, reacting with degrees of hilarity. Then, they acted out the part in the Scottish play where Macbeth sees the ghost of Banquo.

12.5.21 The joy of receiving news from our pen pals today was immense. The smiles were amazing. Larchfield House, thank you so much!

10.5.21 What a fantastic debate we had on whether Macbeth should or should not be the king today. All of the children made a point. The counteracting arguments were very well thought out. Great work Year 6. I am really proud of you!

4.5.21 Inspired by Wayne Dixon's rapping, Year 6 have been writing their own transition raps. Impressive so far!

4.5.21 Wayne Dixon from CCiS adorned Year 6 with his energy today while telling them all about 'It's Your Move!' A big thank you to Wayne for some great transition work.

4.5.21 Ah what fun we have had singing our SPaG today. Perfect tense verb forms are easier now!

30.04.21 England does the daily mile...including Year 6 at Larchfield! Many schools in England have been taking part today. As a school, we do this daily. For more information on 'England does the daily mile' go to:

27.4.21 Macbeth Science today! The class has been helping the witches find out which solutes will dissolve in their cauldron.

23.4.21 Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Year 6 have created their own rhyming couplet spells today and thrown them into the cauldron!

22.4.21 Y6 have participated in some very good discussions about how we can save our planet. They also made their own Earth, decorated it and wrote their messages of how people can save our planet for future generations.

22.4.21 As part of Earth Day, Y6 created their own scavenger hunt.

20.4.21 New York city skylines were on the menu for art today.

19.4.21 There were some great acting skills going on in Year 6 today. The children are loving their Macbeth Shakespeare learning.

31.3.21 Our last activity for Science day was all about friction and forces. The class had to find a way to hold their eggs in place and get it to zoom down the zip wire in one piece. They used the zip wire as the variable and used three different materials. Great fun and lots of learning!

31.3.21 Science Day - Now for building a catapult... We had some super catapults and many were able to propel their eggs a fair distance.

31.3.21 It's Science Day! The class have been trying to create structures to support their eggs. Oliwia was able to make a structure which held 3 eggs on it. Eggcellent job!

30.3.21 Mindfulness in the warm weather today. Some children chose to read while the birds chirped, others drew.

26.3.21 Year 6 have been creating some good balance routines with Mr. Hunt this afternoon.

25.3.21 Year 6 have been writing how they grow with love in PSHCE (Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education). What a caring and loving class we have.

22.3.21 A happy class...they got their tents up!

22.3.21 What fun Year 6 had today in their team building exercise. They had to work together to make tents.

18.3.21 What a lot of ghastly pirates! Year 6 have been publishing their newspapers using Jack Sparrow- The Coming Storm by Rob Kidd- as the basis for their report.

12.3.21 Fun and games with buried treasure using coordinates in 4 quadrants. The children also had to follow instructions to move the treasure once they had found it and translate the shape.

9.3.21 It's so good to be back! We have been learning about levers in Science as part of catching up on topics missed.

26.2.21 Deniz got his best score today on TTRS. Well done Deniz!

18.12.2020 Wow, look how Year 6's pom poms turned out! They are so pleased with them.

14.12.2020 We have decided to name this activity 'Make do and Trend'. The children have been making pom poms today. They had to cut out their circles first, then wrap their wool around their templates. Some of the children will be updating their old hats into 'bobble' hats.

9.12.2020 Lots of Science has been happening in Y6 today. We have been catching up on the Science missed in Y5. The class has recapped on the life cycle, learnt about changes in old age; what happens when you mix materials; how mixtures can be separated and made some healthy smoothies. What a great day of Science!

4.12.2020 Snow Day!

2.12.2020 We are taking part in the 'Get Berkshire Active' programme. Every day, we open up the Berkshire virtual school games Advent calendar. Yesterday, the activity was 10 star jumps. Today, the challenge was to step up and down 30 times. I took the photos, then decided the step wasn't challenging enough, so we did it on MUCH higher steps. Well done Year 6.

27.11.2020 Measuring and ratio fun in Maths today.

26.11.2020 The class were learning a lot about ratio today. They put Smarties into groups, wrote the ratios, then made patterns and asked their partners questions about the ratios. For example, the pattern is 2 red, 3 blue, 1 orange, 4 green. What is the ratio? What would the 25th colour be in the pattern?

26.11.2020 We were so delighted, and somewhat excited, to get a reply from Sir Captain Tom Moore today. We all wrote letters to him and he replied!

23.11.2020 Year 6 were treated to an iRock assembly where they were able to try out instruments and sing. They had a super jamming session.

19.11.2020 In computing, the class has been closing the gaps on areas they missed in Y5 during lock down. They were learning how to put formulae in spread sheets. Wow, they really enjoyed their learning and definitely excelled my expectations!

17.11.2020 Science - Year 6 made heart models today and explored how blood flows in one direction through the heart chambers.

12.11.2020 We were imagining that we were called on to design some modern buildings. The town wants them to be all different in the way that they look. There need to be 7 rooms of the same size. The children used the cubes to create their designs and recorded them too. Real life Math!

11.11.2020 Y6 with their Remembrance Day poppy lights.

6.11.2020 In preparation for Remembrance Day, Year 6 have been making some poppy themed tea lights.

5.11.2020 Science. The class have been learning about the role of the heart and were very keen to try out an oximeter and blood pressure monitor.

5.11.2020 A super math investigation - and a very complex explanation done of their findings. The problem involved 3 tables, one with one bar of chocolate, one with two bars of chocolate and one with three bars of chocolate on it. 30 children had to decide which table to sit at to get the best share of the chocolate. The amount of fractions that had to be worked out was mind-blowing, as this changed with each child choosing which table to sit at. Well done!

4.11.2020 Ylana very kindly brought in a pomelo this morning. Many of the children had never heard of this fruit, let alone tasted it. So...the class tried it, and all but 3 of them liked it! The pomelo, pummelo, or in scientific terms, Citrus maxima or Citrus grandis, is the largest citrus fruit from the family Rutaceae and the principal ancestor of the grapefruit. It is a natural, i.e., non-hybrid, citrus fruit, native to Southeast Asia. It is now grown in Australia and America too.

23.10.2020 Spooky Day Disco. Look at all the fantastic costumes.

23.10.2020 The kites are being finished off with a ghoulish theme as part of our "Spooky Day".

22.10.2020 As part of our team building in PSHCE, Year 6 have been designing and making kites. Look at the concentration!

22.10.2020 John Farey investigated sequences of fractions in order of size - known as the Farey Sequences. Year 6 have been following in his footsteps and have been investigating these sequences. They used their recently learnt skills of simplifying, ordering and comparing fractions. Good work Year 6!

15.10.2020 Year 6 have been researching the importance of black soldiers, sailors, nurses and spies.

14.10.2020 Why do objects have shadows of the same shape? Ask your child!

9.10.2020 Year 6 have been sorting library books into different genres and discussing the principal features of these genres.

7.10.2020 We had an amazing amount of 'What if?' questions asked today in Science when we were learning about refraction of light. Well done Year 6!

7.10.2020 Sakshi and Jonathan showing the class how to deal with remainders! The class have worked hard on short and long division this week, giving remainders as fractions and decimals and rounding up or down when problem solving.

5.10.20 Autumn's meaningful Blitz poem.

5.10.2020 Amy's super Blitz poem.

5.10.20 Sakshi has written a good poem on the Blitz.

5.10.2020 The class have all been writing WWII poems. Here is Tele with his.

1.10.2020 The class have designed their own Blitz buildings - or what's left of them - and are following the instructions they wrote to make them. Lots of mixing of ingredients and laughter so far!

30.9.2020 Does the angle of incidence equal the angle of reflection? Ask your child what they learnt in Science today.

29.9.2020 Maths investigations galore! Y6 were using their multiplication skills to find different patterns. They used a starting number then multiplied it by another number and either chose to add or subtract the next number, then used the same multiplier and addition or subtraction to their answer. e.g. 7 x 4-5 = 25, then 25 x4-5 and so on - then spot the pattern!

Just a note to say that your daughter should have received a pack from Newlands Girls' School yesterday. 

Today, Desborough Boys' School have contacted to ask us to give parents the following information: 

Desborough Boys' School are running virtual transition events on Tuesday 6th October for boys interested in joining our school. Information can be found via the 'Join us' page on our website, or via our Facebook page.


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28.9.2020 Adults - here is a sneak preview of our yearly seasonal greetings cards. I'm sure you will agree with me that the cards look fantastic so far! Well done Year 6.

28.9.2020 As a follow-on of the Anti-Bullying Assembly, the children have created hands to confirm their pledges to stop bullying and have written who they can turn to help them on the fingers.

28.9.2020 Today we watched the 'Big Anti Bullying Assembly' which had some super-stars in it such as: Peter Andre, Richie and Mwaksy to name but a few! The children discussed the assembly well and gave their pledge (see photo) to stop bullying when they see it.

23.9.2020 In Science today, the class knew that light travels in a straight line, but they had to plan and carry out their enquiry to prove their theory. Great fun and lots of thinking skills used today!

22.9.2020 There has been some great acting out of scenarios (related to their learning about the Blitz) before Year 6 write their diary entries.

22.9.2020 A bit blurry? That's because Year 6 moved so fast when they heard the WWII air raid warning siren!

15.9.2020 Year 6 have been drawing their WWII propaganda posters today.

11.9.2020 Our collage of Year 6. Each photo was taken individually, then put together as a whole class.

11.9.2020 OO7 Fever in Year 6 this week as the class created their own spy gadgets and wrote leaflets on how to use them.

9.9.2020 Year 6 have been learning some sketching techniques and have begun to draw faces of leaders during WWII.

9.9.2020 Great fun learning today. Year 6 have been playing some place value games.

3.9.2020 Our first day back. It's so good to see the children looking so smart and to see all of their smiling faces from the front!